Poll results: BMW Z4 Concept and VW T-Roc

A few weeks ago when the BMW Z4 Concept came out we asked you, our readers of what you thought of Munich’s latest creation. As you can see below, most everyone thought it was a genuine looker: exactly half of you thought it was gorgeous, while another 30% thought it looked great, but lacked a certain BMW-ness. So, not bad for BMW – now the challenge will be to turn the concept into a production model, which I’m a bit worried about given how the production 8-series looks to lose a lot of what made the 8-series Concept special (not least that hawkish nose).

In addition, we also asked you whether you thought the new VW T-Roc would be a hit in the European market. Here, less than 20% of you thought that the T-Roc had the breakout quality to launch itself to the top of the segment, but almost half of you thought that its combined sales figures with its Tiguan sibling will be enough to take the segment lead. My take? I am probably with the 30% of you who thought that, more than anything, VW should prepare itself for some serious internal competition between its Golf, T-Roc and Tiguan models (not to mention Seat and Skoda cars), but probably in the end the T-Roc will do very well at the expense of the more drab Tiguan and less trendy Golf.