Poll results: Killing the 200/Dart duo is folly

Dodge Dart2015 Chrysler 200C

When we asked you, our readers, whether you thought Sergio Marchionne was right to kill off the Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart to concentrate on crossovers, we expected most of you to disagree with him. What we did not expect was just how few of you would either agree with FCA’s action, or would be willing to wait and see if it was the right action.

In the end, almost three quarters of you thought that killing off the 200/Dart and foregoing 250,000 annual sales was the wrong choice, with only 14% of voters willing to give Sergio Marchionne the benefit of the doubt. Nonetheless, it would be fascinating if the 12% of readers who agreed with Sergio were proven right, and this bold move was spoken about in the future as a crucial step in FCA’s rise.

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