Poll result: Alfa Romeo Giulia is your production car of Geneva 2016!

When we asked you what your top production cars of Geneva 2016 were we knew the Alfa Romeo Giulia would be somewhere close to the top, but given that the car had been shown a while back (albeit in Quadrifoglio form) we did not think it would top the list. So color us surprised when the Giulia not only took top spot, but was the only car to have figured in more than half of the respondents’ top-5 lists! Now, it will be fascinating to see whether all this anticipation translates into success in the marketplace.

Volvo V90The second-placed Volvo V90 and third-placed Renault Scenic were both expected, and in fact made your top-3 the same as that in Kriss’s Top 5 list (albeit in different order). The Fiat Tipo ranked very highly in fourth place, given that it’s a handsome if rather basic model targeted at developing markets and the value end of the European markets, followed by the Abarth 124 Spider, an offering from Fiat that’s the exact opposite of the Tipo: sporty, sexy, loud and (presumably) expensive. It’s also fascinating that the Maserati Levante made it all the way to 6th spot on your Top production car list, as it also ranked 7th on your list of Top 5 production car disappointments! Then again, a rather ungainly SUV from a brand with Maserati’s heritage was always bound to be controversial.

Maserati Levante

Below is the full list of results, enjoy: