New Merc GLC (née GLK) to finally take the fight to Q5, X3, XC60

It seems Mercedes is finally serious about gunning for class leadership with the new GLC, as the new car is a much better put-together proposition than its GLK predecessor. For starters, it eschews the awkward faux-Geländewagen boxy looks in favor of much more organic looks of the new C-class. In fact, I believe it automatically becomes the most handsome car in the class alongside the Porsche Macan, easily beating the somewhat awkward X3 and handsome but dated Q5.


More than that, however, the new model seems to have all the advantages of the donor C-class, such as an advanced and lighter platform, gorgeous interior and sophisticated drivetrain options. And Mercedes will also finally offer the new car in the UK in right-hand-drive, in recognition of the importance of that market to compact premium SUV sales.

And speaking of sales, the new model seems to quite a mountain to climb, as the sales of its predecessor never reached half the volume of its competitors in Europe. Then again, the direct competition is relatively dated at this point – the Q5 and XC60 are both over seven years old, while the second-gen X3 itself is already four years old.

Premium midsize SUV sales

So what do you think, is the new model capable of going straight to the middle of the class?

Also, check out the gallery below: