However, that’s only half of the truth. Although the two are largely the same at the front, the Discovery Sport is all new from the B-pillars back. This is eminently sensible. The major crash structure and most complex mechanicals of a modern car sit between the axle line and the A-pillars.

New Jag XE… XF breaks cover!

Big news for Jaguar-philes as the new XF broke cover today, ahead of its debut in New York. Many of you may not have noticed, though, or even thought the car was a long-wheelbase version of the XE for the Chinese market – so close is the new model to its little brother in terms of styling! And it’s not even like either one is that different from the current XF to begin with… Sure, the new car is made partly from aluminum and promises to be quite a bit lighter than the (porky) current XF, but Jaguar seems to have outdone Audi and BMW in terms offering “same sausage, different sizes” to its customers!