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MG Rover sales in Europe ended in 2006 when the company filed for bankruptcy, after sales had dwindled for years.

MG had made a somewhat successful revival from 2001 after BMW had sold the assets of the company to the Phoenix Consortium in 2000. The sporty brand with the impressive heritage introduced spiced up versions of the existing, but already aging and uncompetitive Rover 25 hatchback, 45 sedan and 75 sedan and station wagon under the names ZR, ZS, ZT and ZT-T. On top of that, the MGF was facelifted and renamed to MG TF, resulting in MG brand sales surging from 9.000 units in the year 2000 to 20.000 units in 2001 and peaking at close to 50.000 units in 2003.


Unfortunately, these sales cannibalized on the similar Rover models, so the net effect was still lower total sales every year, down from almost 200.000 cars in 2000 to 46.500 cars in 2005, the company’s final full year of sales. Market share in the period dropped accordingly, from 1,32% to 0,29%.

Despite falling sales and the corresponding financial troubles, MG Rover was not afraid to invest into expensive low-volume halo cars like the MG X-Power SV (pictured) and the Rover 75 V8 / MG ZT 260, which were converted from Front Wheel Drive to Rear Wheel Drive and fitted with a Ford Mustang V8 engine.

At the bottom-end of the spectrum, Rover made a deal with Tata Motors to rebadge the India-built Tata Indica minicar to make the Rover CityRover. It was cheap but low-quality and Rover had so much faith in the product they refused the BBC Top Gear autoshow to review the CityRover. Presenter James May had to go undercover, equipped with a hidden camera into a Rover dealership in order to test drive it.

After the bankruptcy of MG Rover in 2006, some assets were bought by Nanjing Automobile of China, which has resurrected the MG brand in the UK. First with the re-introduction of the TF and later with two all-new models, the MG6 and MG3. The cars are produced in China for the Chinese market, and exported in complete knock down kits to the Longbridge factory in the UK for final assembly for the European market.

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MG Rover
1996 336.131 2,63%
1995 329.539 2,74%
1994 355.028 2,97%
1993 330.735 2,94%
1992 307.337 2,28%
1991 326.525 2,43%
1990 361.774 2,68%