Look-a-like: Subaru Legacy and…

Subaru LegacyThe current Subaru Legacy, which came out in 2014, is a big improvement over its frumpy predecessor – it’s sheetmetal is considerably sleeker, the details look like someone actually was paying attention to them, and the whole looks rather attractive as a result. That said, the car can hardly be accused of being the most originally styled on the market, and it’s clear that parts of its design where inspired by other cars. In fact, the whole rear of the car seems to have been taken wholesale from a luxury car launched a year earlier by another carmaker.

That much makes sense – making your mid-sized sedan look like a luxury car is not bad way to go – but what’s puzzling is why Subaru chose to copy the decidedly ho-hum Acura RLX, rather than, say, the all-conquering Mercedes-Benz S-class, or even the quietly handsome Lexus LS. Whatever the reason, most will admit that the Legacy turned out much better than the RLX, with the latter making people wonder whether Acura was even serious about the segment.

2014 Acura RLX


  1. I don’t see the Acura thing imho. To me it just looks like an evolution of the styling of the fifth gen, going from awkward to handsome. But still so, so bland… The 4th gen was by far the best looking of the lot.

    BTW, Subaru is, apparently, introducing a whole new design language with the new Impreza… I’ll be darned if i know what’s new about it.

  2. Agree with tuga here, I don’t see the resemblance either. Perhaps the rear lights a little bit, but that’s it.

  3. So, i make a ( stupid, granted ) joke defending myself and that gets deleted, but the comments from the guy spewing stuff about muslims, socialism and communism ( or socialistics and communistics as he calls them ) and now, in the Talisman thread, nazism, that all gets to stay?

  4. @tuga – thanks for bringing the nazism comment to my attention, I duly deleted it. Could you please point me to the other offensive comments you mentioned? I personally don’t like to get too involved in the comments section as I believe in free speech, but there are some limits I think we should try not to cross

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