Look-a-like: Opel Insignia and…

The new Opel/Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport is a fine-looking machine, though I may be a little bit less hot on it than some of the more enthusiastic commentators on the web. In particular, I feel that its detailing is a bit under-resolved, the rear is bland, and the whole looks less sporty than the model it replaces. One thing that I have to say I like a lot on the new model is the new prominent grille, which gives the car an aggressive aura that was maybe missing from the previous model. It also gives it, however, a more than a passing resemblance to one of its more premium competitors…

…the post-facelift Volvo S60. While the rest of the two cars’ design is pretty different, the grilles on the Opel and Volvo are remarkably similar. They share a similar shape, a similar upright angle, and both have a prominent position at the front. In fact, both grilles remind me of a big favorite of mine: the upright grilles on BMWs from the late-1980s, as well as the often-forgotten Mitsubishi Galants from the 1990s. But just as an aggressive grille turned the otherwise-forgettable Galant into a car worth a second glance, as well as giving the post-facelift S60 more personality, so I feel the grille on the Insignia is the only truly interesting thing about its design.

Volvo S60 post-facelift

  1. Bart: the world is divided into lumpers
    and splitters. In design, I’m a splitter.
    While I agree the Opel is a bit bland I think the grille differs from the Volvo
    in its proportion and because it
    has chamfers where the lamps
    inner edges meet.
    Also, the Volvo’s grille form is interfered with by the number plate. It’s such an unattractive effect I nearly missed it.
    I’m a bit cautious about judging the Opel because I made hasty judgements about the last one. Over time I came to really like it as in they catch my eye and ask for my attention in a way most cars don’t. Yet the last Opel Insignia doesn’t scream with loud features. It all hangs together well with nice details.

  2. I find the new Opel/Buick to be outstanding in the styling department. The wagon version looks like an updated Dodge Magnum and I think Buick may have a real success on it’s hands.

    Buick seems to be on a roll for widening it’s lineup with the Cascada and the Regal Wagon. I think the addition of new and unique models will drive customers to look at Buick a little bit differently. The days of Grandma driving her Buick Century are over….

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