Look-a-like: Nissan Maxima and…

Nissan Maxima rear

So, your company wants to launch a dynamic, four-door sedan? A car that is aggressive enough for fathers to lust over it, and yet practical enough to carry a family much in the way the ubiquitous crossovers would? You should gather all your best designers, let them at a clean sheet of paper, even let them employ funky details such as a fake floating roof – why not? Just make sure of one thing…

Make sure that the finished product does not bear resemblance, not matter how passing, to a car whose target audience are retirees!

Toyota Avalon rear
Toyota Avalon



  1. @Lucy – these articles are meant tongue in cheek, in fact I think the Maxima is a very good-looking car, as is the Avalon (especially compared to the previous generation). And in the same vain, nothing wrong with retirees, it’s just that dynamics are probably not at the top of most of their “must-have” lists

  2. You can always find similarities between cars, but these two are very different cars in my view. The Avalon looks like an average large sedan whereas the Maxima has a very dynamic design.

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