Look-a-like: Jeep Compass and…

When the new Jeep Compass made its debut it was immediately clear it was a handsome little beast. It design managed to successfully shrink the best design cues from its larger brother, the Grand Cherokee, (aggressive and instantly-recognizable front, squared-off wheel-arches, elegant proportions), while at the same time incorporating a little extra “something” with its optional “floating roof” and the chrome strip that delineates it. But it was the bottom line of the side windows that caught my eye – I was sure I had seen it somewhere before!

After some time of I remembered what car had a similar line – the Aston Martin Lagonda SUV concept. Now, the similarity may not be obvious at first, but observe the way that the window-line has a small up-tick midway through the rear door, and then ends by running into the roofline at close to a right angle. Of course, the Lagonda SUV Concept was far from loved when it came out, but in this case I feel that being mentioned in the same sentence with it is no small complement to the Jeep.

  1. This new Compass has a very classical and timeless look. It will age well and it will sell well around the world.
    Between this, the Stelvio and the Levante FCA will be printing money in the next few years. And they really need that.

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