Renault Talisman

Look-a-like: Renault Talisman and…

Renault Talisman

Renault released today the first pictures of its upcoming Talisman Estate, a version that is predicted to sell better than the 4-door sedan in European markets. And while it’s altogether a sleek design, the rear has some design elements that remind me of the unfortunate Lincoln MKT – the favorite donor car for American hearses. The up-kick in the rear window line, which exaggerates the rear haunches, as well as the semi-wraparound rear light… it probably is unfair to the sleek new Renault, and I wish it all the best in face of the decline of the Laguna, but hey – you can’t fight first impressions!Lincoln MKT 2

  1. The new Talisman is awesome, and the latest designs from Renault, very nice. I think that the plans to climb up the world’s top selleres, can be very reasonable. Now Renault is reliable, has a nice price/product relation, the range is big and for first time in years, the design is very attractive and quality appearance is very good.

    1. Hey, I agree – the Talisman looks very good and has a much better chance than the hapless Laguna ever did. Still, you have to wonder if it’s not too late for Renault to re-establish itself in this shrinking segment, where the only non-premium car that seems to be doing well is the VW Passat, at least in Europe

  2. Hi. I think the new Talisman, has a generic problem to face, the D segment in Europe has a problem with the big size, near 5 meters long is too long for city traffic and most of parking lot. Premium buyers have more money and probably big houses were to park this cars without problems. And even a little car for city displacements. But medium class people, may choose SUV as best option. It has a better look than compact or MPV, with though/sporty/impressive car design…. and a more practical length to manage. Passat is a exception cause I think it has a lot of sells as a rent car, professional car…. I hope Renault get good results with this car, I appreciate the effort to build a good car and deserves acknowledgment, but I don’t know if this will happen. We will see soon.

  3. @Xavi: I fully agree, the Talisman will probably not sell in huge quantities in Europe, but it may help people think of Renault as a serious/grown-up brand, something that’s harder and harder to do with FIAT whose largest offering is the monstrous 500XL, or Suzuki.

    Plus, it will probably sell much better in Asia, partly (if they go that route) as a Samsung

    1. You’ re right. I think Renault may tray to repeat the success of the made in Spain Captur in Korea and other countries. At least, they actually spend the money developing the Talisman…. why not to sell the car in all markets they can?. Now in Europe, Renault hasn’t the best image, because reliability and quality problems in early 2000’s, remain in the minds of too many consumers. Renault has a hard work to turn back this opinions. But in new markets…. cars as the Talisman, Espace or Kadjar can do the opposite, start with a very nice and good product to create a near to premium image, with higher prices and better profits.

  4. Absolutely, great point. Just look at how Buick, long an old person’s retirement mobile, reinvented themselves in China

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