Look-a-like: new Kia Sportage and…

Kia Sportage

Kia finally released official pictures of the long-awaited and frequently-spy-photographed Kia Sportage. And a handsome beast it is too, with the same muscular stance and profile view as the old model, and an arguably even better-resolved rear. The front, however, leaves a lot to be desired, though it’s easy to imagine what Kia’s designers were going for:

Porsche Cayenne 2

Imagine the following conversation:

  • Kia marketing: “How do we improve on the Sportage?”
  • Kia designer:    “Actually, we think it already looks pretty great, arguably the best in class, so why don’t we just update the design theme?”
  • Kia marketing: “No, but we need to keep moving forward, upmarket…”
  • Kia designer:    “How about we give the car a clear resemblance to a much more expensive, successful SUV with the same sporty brief that we are trying to convey?”
  • Kia marketing: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
  • Kia designer:    “Yes, let’s forcefully graft the face of the Cayenne onto the next Sportage, no matter how awkward the result and ignore all the effort we put into establishing a corporate face… brilliant!”

So, maybe I’m being cynical, but how else can you explain the contrived face of the new Sportage? Such a missed opportunity…


  1. I agree with you.

    I rented a Kia Sportage current gen in Scotland this summer and it is a good car, with good design. (except its limited interior finish and acceleration)

    This new gen is a a disappointement, especially concerning the front-end.

    I even suspect this of being a huge facelift rather than a complete new gen, side windows look the same.

  2. @d3ns: I actually like the profile of the car, it gives it character and the continuity with the previous generation gives it that stylistic USP that automakers crave.

    I am curious what you thought of the driving experience (some have complained it rides too hard) and the interior space (I sat in one and it felt pretty cramped for the exterior dimensions)

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