Look-a-like: Mercedes-Benz EQC and…

OK, I know I promised to catch up on US Sales figures (and I will!), but I just had to get this one off my chest because it’s been bothering me for a while. The new EQC is a good-looking car by all means, if a bit conservative, but its job goes beyond just being a good-looking car on its own – it’s to usher a new identity for Mercedes-Benz’s EQ electric sub-brand. Leading this new identity, literally and figuratively, is a new grille design, and that is the one piece that M-B just had to get right from the very beginning. Which is why it’s disappointing that the end-result looks, from the front at least, so much like the US-market Chevrolet Equinox…

  1. Totally disagree about the design of the EQC. It’s even worse than smaller sibling GLC which is just a heightened C Estate so nothing special as well. Apart from the far-fetched resemblance, I’d prefer the Equinox. Character > cheap.

    1. @Losange – feels good to be back 🙂 I am curious – if you were to pick two EVs on sale today, one smaller (think: Zoe, Leaf, i3), and one larger (think Model S, Model X, i-Pace, EQC), what would those be?

      1. I still love the quirky i3 and I still think the original Model S is a incredible car and one Tesla will strugle to improve drastically when they finally Get the funds to replace it

      2. @VJAM – I share your love for the i3, I recently looked into getting one myself, but the crappy range of the EV version is a bit of a turn-off at a time when a cheaper Kona EV can do almost 300 miles

      3. BMW i3 doesn’t have the best looks and range, but the revolutionary use of materials is impressive. Decent compact EV just like the Renault Zoe which is going to continue its position as the best urban EV looking at the much longer range of the upcoming generation. Although I’m not the biggest fan of crossovers/SUVs in general I’d probably go for the Hyundai Kona EV as well. Saw one yesterday and I must say……….it’s ugly :-p I would wait for the Volvo XC40 EV.
        As for larger EVs, well, the Tesla Model S still stands strong I think looking at its technological features and the use of materials has improved a lot. Jaguar I-Pace would be a good second.

  2. Looking a little bit ahead concerning after sales.
    I do believe that Daimler AG learnt from drawbacks.
    1- The Batteries made in house.
    2- The Batteries declared long-term warranty by Daimler AG.

    3- Finally the EQC crash test with Battery full loaded with almost 400Volts with 80 kWh accordingly (WLTP), and after the impact does not have fire, It is something laudable.
    Check out the test performed at address below:


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