Audi A4

The new Audi A4 is not exactly the most original-looking of cars – it looks almost like the previous generation, with a hint of the big-brother A6 and sporty-brother TT mixed in. But that is to be expected, as Audi is the mayor in all-models-should-look-similar-to-establish-a-family-look-town. Alas, the new A4 also borrows a design element from a quite different source…

…the post-facelift US-only Scion tC. Just look at what is arguably the most distinctive (relatively, of course) part of the A4’s front – its unusual headlights with the step angled “forward” for added aggression. Sure, the execution on the Audi is much more sophisticated, but still – there is no denying that Scion was the first to incorporate this look.

Scion tC

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