Demand for Lagonda Taraf and why Porsche canned the 989 four-door

To no-one’s surprise the Lagonda (ok, Aston Martin) Taraf will be sold in the UK, Europe, and not just in the Middle East as the company originally planned. This makes me wonder why did Aston Martin not make this car in the first place, rather than the unloved, too-small Rapide?

On a related note, the failure of the Rapide also makes me think that Porsche made the right choice when it canned their 989 Panamera project. Sure, it looked great, but its lack of rear seat space would have held it back the way it holds back the Rapide, and who knows, might have actually bankrupted the company before the Boxster ever got a chance.


  1. So, is this decision to sell it here as well based on high demand from European and UK customers asking for one, or because not enough Saudi’s are prepared to pay for one, so they’ll just try to get rid of their excess stock?

    I truly hope the former, not only for their own sake, but also because I think it’s a stunningly good looking car. It was about time Aston Martin would come up with something different than the umpteenth variation of the DB7.

  2. The car they will sell in the UK and South Africa will be right-hand-drive, so clearly they had to go to extra engineering costs to be able to sell there, making me think it’s demand-driven. As for Europe, who knows? I think they simply wanted to make the car Middle East-exclusive for a while, maybe to please their stakeholders from the region?

    1. And there’s nothing better than telling potential customers that they cannot have a product to stimulate that demand!

  3. True story, Lucy!

    Works every time, especially with customers who are used to getting what they want.

  4. I have mixed feelings about the look of AstonMartin Taraf , I think it is enough to take a good looking front (aston martin have at least five of them) and good looking rear (aston have maybe even more of them) and put another pair of doors somewhere in the middle like they have done with the Panamera. Meanwhile Aston looks like tuned ford mondeo (edit: from front, the rear is better). This is only my subjective opinion.
    Sorry for my english, I hope it pass my opinion, Greetings from Poland.

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