How would you like CarSalesBase to improve? [w/ poll]

Part of our 2019 New Year resolution is to reach out to our readership, to see what are the ways in which you would like CarSalesBase to improve. We put together some of the key ideas into a poll below – think of these as a “wish list”, in that we think all the items on it are worthwhile, but because we only have so much time we need you to help us determine the priorities. As such, we ask you to select up to 4 choices. Also, if there is something you would like us to do but it’s not in the poll below, please add a comment – we will try to update the poll quickly to reflect these suggestions, where possible, so that others can vote on it too.

How should CarSalesBase improve in 2019?

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  1. Less dismissal of Tesla. Seems like you dedicate a disproportional amount of time to sedans which are performing poorly and only make a passing mention of the Model 3.

  2. I chose ‘More frequent articles on sales……’, but I do hope CSB will ditch the not so informative monthly brands/models sales articles. Coverage of the European segments was quite poor last year and I think this is partly because of the monthly European sales articles. Annual and quarterly data are more interesting imo.

  3. I agree with Losange as well. Commentary of China has disappeared. Overall I would like less minute detail on US markets and more on Europe and China. Discussions on new models are also interesting.

    1. I’d have to go with that too. China is hugely important going forward and one thing I’ve found fascinating through sites like yours and BSCB has been the following of new Chinese models and the growth of domestic companies vs foreign companies there. It reminds me of the emergence of the Japanese back in the 50s and 60s, except kind of on steroids.

  4. Would be nice to get view on import/export data by brand and country. For the China statistics this is not always clear. 1 brand import data, all the other brands are only China assembly. Japan, US, UK, China, Mexico, Germany, France, Belgium, Rumania, Italy…

  5. Don’t do anything like sacrificing quality just for volume. Write as much or as little as what is required to maintain your current high standard.

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