Honda shows off new Accord [w/ poll]

Today Honda released pictures of its new Accord, the car it hopes will not just take the brand back to the top of the mid-sized segment, but also buck the trend and lead to absolute sales rise in a segment that has been suffering from customers migrating for the last few years. 

So, does the new Accord stand a chance? The omens are certainly good – unlike the previous, evolutionary generation, the new car is a clear ground-up effort, with new technology, sleeker design and the promise of a more sporting drive. Building on the lessons it learned when developing the latest Civic, Honda has given the new Accord a much sportier look, with an aggressive front, complete with the controversial chrome brow, a flowing fastback roofline and large wheels that give the new car a good stance. Sure, the rear looks a little bit like the back end of the Volvo S90, which I view as a bit unfortunate as it is in my opinion the least successful aspect of the big Swede’s styling, but otherwise Honda must be applauded for pushing the design envelope on what used to be a mundane family sedan.

The good news continues inside, where the design and quality seems match that of Honda’s upscale brand, Acura, especially with the large touch-screen and the elegant low-gloss wood lookalike present in the picture below.

Completing the models renewal is a new set of engines (for the Accord), all-turbocharged, which should promise good shove and a decent fuel economy.

How well will the new Accord do?

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  1. According to this article ( from 11.03.2013, issued by Honda Asia, back then Accord had over 19 million sales worldwide. 4 years later Accord should have about 21 million sales worldwide, which makes it the best selling mid-size sedan worldwide, because according to Toyota ( as of January 2017 Camry had 18 million sales.
    I believe the new generations of Accord and Camry will change that, because the new Camry will be much better accepted by the customers in comparison to the new Accord!

  2. Not pretty. Looks like A7 saggy rear, and Chev Malibu.
    18 Camry Sharper. By a long shot

  3. Apart from a couple of pick-ups, this is the best performing car considering US private sales. Perhaps with the new EU-Japan trade deal the Accord could and should return to Europe, because Honda has neglected its former customers in this segment for years now and they certainly don’t all buy a CR-V.

    Personally I think the new Accord looks better than the Camry. I like the new Civic Sedan too.

    1. Actually that’s a good point. With the new EU-Japan trade deal we might see the Camry and Accord returning to the midsize segment?
      They would be stiff competition for the Passat and Superb.

  4. I’m not hugely keen on Honda’s styling of late, not sure what they were on with the latest Civic & Jazz, but the new Accord looks half good, bit Audi A7 from the rear (no bad thing), i think the styling works better as its a much bigger can than the Civic so can cope better with a certain degree of fussy details. But it looks huge!!!!

  5. An average fastback with no rear screen wiper! Is this only designed for California?

    Better to look at than the Civic but doesn’t look to be classy and refined – just an average household appliance. Change the grille and it could almost be a Ford Fusion, or indeed anything. However, looking at the woeful Civic it is a good thing they don’t follow-through with a “design language”

  6. The engine of the 1.5T gasoline version and the CVT gearbox are basically matched very well. However, in low-speed traffic jams, you will feel that there is an intrusion, and the vehicle will turbulent back and forth, which is somewhat different from the traditional sense of frustration. However, this problem still does not exist in the hybrid version.

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