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cropped-Left-Lane-icon.pngAs some of you may have noticed at the top of our page, we’ve been informed that our name violates a registered trademark. This means we’ve been given a short timeframe to come up with a new name for our website/blog and change the domain. Since it is not easy to come up with a good name, we’ve decided to involve you, our faithful and enthusiastic readers, with this process.

Since its inception just 3 years ago, Left-Lane has evolved from a personal blog about the automotive industry into a leading source of automotive sales data for Europe, the US and China, with two regular editors and the occasional guest writer. We’ve been growing fast and continue to do so, with 180.000 readers in November and over 53.500 last week, from just about every country in the world, and many from within the industry, either at OEM or supplier level, as I can see from the subscribers to our mailing list and the many e-mails I receive each day.

There are two options for a new name:

  1. something generic, that explains what we do: a name that includes words like cars, stats, analysis, data, automotive etc.
  2. something unique, that may or may not be (remotely) related to what we do, but which is easy to remember and, most importantly: not already trademarked.

We, Bart and Kriss, prefer something of the second category, but have been struggling something that really hits the spot.

So be creative and tell us what you think in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Many thanks in advance.

  1. “cars, stats, analysis, data, automotive” you said? Include ‘registrations’ and hussle these 6 words: Das C.A.R. 😉 Or a name that incudes the words ‘Cars + Central + Sales’ etc. Gotta go. Check with LL later!

  2. CarAnalysis (as it is or with point or dash in between). You can leave just the 4 letters from the second word, but I don’t recommend it, although it would be highly distinctive!
    CarFigures (as it is or with point or dash in between)

  3. (to have a look at the past car statistics) (HUD = Head-Up Display) (where you store your car data)

  4. i dont knonw

    analytics observatory of cars

    eye of cars data

    the viewers of cars

    international observatory of cars

    the fuelers of data. (les pompistes des données)





    oildata since birthay websiste

    la matrice automobile (automobile matrix)

    datagenuines parts

    the mechanics of statistics

    observatoire analytique des données automobiles (too long and in french)

    datapit crew



    a little BITS of car?


    I think it might be important to have a name that doesn’t restrict you to a car itself since things are changing so fast. I have no idea if any of these names are trademarked I just sat down at work and wrote what came to me.

  6. Thank you all for your input!
    It has been amazing to see all these replies, the e-mails and the facebook messages we’ve received with ideas for a new name. All you ideas were helpful, even if we didn’t use them directly. For example, I first wanted to go for a more original name (less descriptive, but still autorelated, like Left-Lane), one that we could get a trademark on ourselves. But your ideas showed us that a more descriptive name made more sense after all.
    So here we are:
    The new name refers to our database with sales data of over 2.200 models in three continents, and also to indicate this is your base site for all your car sales related information.
    We hope you like our new name and continue to visit. We have a few cool new features coming up in 2017 and a slight redesign of the look and feel of the site, so keep checking us out on a regular basis.
    Thanks again!

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