I’m going to India, what do you want to know about it?

I will be travelling to Mumbai India tomorrow for an innovation workshop with Mahindra, one of the biggest Indian automakers and #3 best selling brand in India. It is also the owner of SsangYong and Pininfarina. After the workshop, I’ll be spending some personal time in India, and I’m wondering if there’s anything you, my readers, would like to know about India’s car market or automotive culture

Photo credit: Cory Doctorow, Wikimedia Commons

Of course I’ll be taking a lot of pictures of the street scenes, as I’ve done before in my ongoing car cultures series. Do you want me to test drive some local cars, and which ones? Or do something crazy like road tripping in a local Indian car? Or do you want me to try and get an interview with someone from the local automotive industry? Or perhaps some of my readers from India can give me some advice of interesting places to see or cool things to do, automotive related of course.

Let me know what you think, and I’ll try my best to satisfy your needs. I’ll be back in two weeks time. Until then, Kriss will try to keep the site up-to-date with some of his articles.

  1. Great and very, very interesting indeed!
    I’d be interested in anything related to Tata Motors and their turnaround plan under the new German-bread CEO:
    Are the dealers as bad as their reputation?
    If you could test-drive the new Tata Tiago, I’d be very interested in reading the report!

  2. Since India is clearly a “mini-car” dominated market and you might know my affinity to the Renault-Nissan Universe, it would be cool, if you had the oppurtinity to drive the Kwid and perhaps its newer brother ( same platform ) Redi-Go from Nissan , which was launched in June
    Just read, that Kwid sales crossed the 10.000 monthly sale figure last month , reaching rank #6 ( still restricted by too low production capacities ) and the Redi Go also doing quite good with already > 3000 units sold last month .
    btw: ..The success of these two models have put the Alliance – when counted together – to the third rank in India behind Maruti and Hyundai, and leaving Mahindra behind in 4th place

  3. Have a great time Bart. I’m curious to know how JLR are doing in their second ‘home’ market. How many dealers do they have and what impact are they having against the usual premium competitors?

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