European sales 2014-Q1 Large SUV segment

Hyundai-Santa-Fe-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeSales of large SUVs in Europe have rebounded slightly after years of declines. The segment moves with the market, up 7% for the first three months of 2014. All but two models see their sales grow for the period, although the segment remains a minor portion of the European car market, selling just over 30.000 units a year combined.

Despite sales down 11% due to a shortage of supply, the Hyundai Santa Fe stays on top. Considering the new generation Santa Fe is a runaway success in other parts of the world, where these kinds of vehicles are still sold like hot cakes, it is understandable that Hyundai doesn’t prioritize Europe when it comes to deliveries of its popular model.

The top four ranking of the segment remains unchanged, as it has been for a few years now, with the Kia Sorento following its South-Korean sibling, and decreasing the gap from almost 1.200 units to less than 500 units. The Toyota Land Cruiser remains in third position, despite being the biggest gainer of the top four at +21% thanks to the new generation Land Cruiser 150.

In fourth position, selling just over half of its Toyota competitor, is the Mitsubishi Pajero, named Shogun in the UK and Montero in Spain for obvious reasons. The SsangYong Rexton is the biggest relative gainer of the segment, thanks to the reintroduction of the brand in Europe after its bankruptcy and subsequent sale.

The Jeep Cherokee will move down into the midsized crossover segment when the new generation hits showrooms later this year, as it will be smaller and no longer be a real body-on-frame SUV, but a unibody crossover.

The Nissan Pathfinder will be discontinued, as the new generation has grown in size for the US market, but leaving room for the new Nissan X-Trail in Europe to replace both the outgoing X-Trail and the Pathfinder, while the new generation Nissan Murano will reach showrooms by the end of this year, maybe early 2015.

2014-Q1 2013-Q1 Change
1. Hyundai Santa Fe 2.817 3.182 -11%
2. Kia Sorento 2.335 1.986 18%
3. Toyota Land Cruiser 1.800 1.488 21%
4. Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero/Shogun 913 820 11%
6. SsangYong Rexton 497 191 160%
7. Nissan Pathfinder 478 457 5%
8. Jeep Cherokee 176 109 61%
10. Nissan Murano 164 322 -49%
Segment total 9.180 8.555 7%


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