European sales 2017 first half Premium Midsized and Compact SUV segments

Midsized_Premium_SUV-segment-European-sales-2017-Volvo_XC60-Mercedes_Benz_GLC-Range_Rover_EvoqueThe midsized premium SUV segment continues to outgrow the overall market with a 12% increase in Q2 and a 20% increase in the first half of 2017, to 276.300 sales. The two segment leaders consolidated their grip on the segment as both showed double digit growth while their closest four rivals all showed double digit declines. As a result, the #1 and #2 hold a combined 40% of the segment in Q2 and 37,3% in the first half. Amazingly, the Volvo XC60 reclaims the top spot it lost to the Mercedes-Benz GLC in the first quarter. Keep in mind that almost all of these sales are the outgoing model, as the new generation had only just arrived in showrooms by the end of the first half. And the GLC figures also include sales of the GLC Coupe, which makes the Volvo figures even more impressive. If the changeover to the new generation happens smoothly, the XC60 could finish on top of the ranking for the fourth consecutive year, and potentially with more than 100.000 sales for the first time ever. The Audi Q5 took third place in the second quarter but still lost 17% on the sales figures of its predecessor in the same period last year, and it’s not enough to kick the Range Rover Evoque off the year-to-date podium.

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Range_Rover_Velar-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeThe Land Rover Discovery Sport loses 16% in Q2 and was outsold by the BMW X3, which has a new generation arriving in showrooms in the third quarter. The Jaguar F-Pace continues to impress as it continues to outsell the Porsche Macan and consolidate its 7th place. With three models, Jaguar-Land Rover is the best selling manufacturer in this segment with a 27,8% share. The BMW X4 has been more successful in Europe than it has been in the US, but its popularity is starting to fade, with a 14% loss in Q2. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is making itself noticed in 10th place for the second quarter, outselling the Lexus NX, even before it has shown its real potential. We also welcome a fourth nameplate from the J-LR stable: as the first handful of demo units of the Range Rover Velar were registered in Q2.

With the new generations of the XC60 and X3, as well as the Stelvio and Velar already in showrooms, there’s not a lot of other news to be expected in this segment for the remainder of the year.

Also check out the premium midsized SUV segment in the US, the Cadillac XT5 reclaims its segment lead ahead of the Lexus NX.

Premium midsized SUV segment

Midsized premium SUV segment 2017-H1 2016-H1 Change Share
1 Volvo XC60 51.873 38.598 34% 18,8%
2 Mercedes-Benz GLC 51.188 34.175 50% 18,5%
3 Range Rover Evoque 33.365 34.684 -4% 12,1%
4 Audi Q5 32.108 33.597 -4% 11,6%
5 Land Rover Discovery Sport 26.021 26.419 -2% 9,4%
6 BMW X3 21.681 24.391 -11% 7,8%
7 Jaguar F-Pace 17.334 5.177 235% 6,3%
8 Porsche Macan 14.862 12.173 22% 5,4%
9 BMW X4 12.027 12.898 -7% 4,4%
10 Lexus NX 9.625 8.534 13% 3,5%
11 Alfa Romeo Stelvio 5.937 0 New 2,1%
12 Range Rover Velar 252 0 New 0,1%
13 Mercedes-Benz GLK 26 300 -91% 0%
14 Land Rover Freelander 1 24 -96% 0%
Segment total 276.300 231.034 20%  

Premium Compact Crossover segment

Compact_Premium_Crossover-segment-European-sales-2017-BMW_X1-Audi_Q2-Audi_Q3One segment smaller, sales continue to rise even faster, at +29% in the second quarter and +31% in the first half to almost 200.000 units. The segment leader BMW X1 celebrates the first anniversary of the new generation and therefore its growth curve has somewhat flattened to +8%. The Audi Q2 has outsold its sibling Q3 to claim 2nd place, as Audi remains the best selling brand in the segment with both of its models on the podium. The former segment leader Audi Q3 is down 22% in the second quarter as a new generation is getting ready to be launched early 2018. The Mercedes-Benz GLA slightly recovers with a 10% gain in the second quarter to be stable year-to-date, although that still means a loss of 5,2 percentage points of share. Deliveries of the new generation Mini Countryman have started, which gives the model a 25% boost in Q2 over its predecessor. The Countryman is stable in the first half, but is sure to end the year with a healthy bump in sales. The Infiniti QX30 remains utterly invisible.

Also check out the premium compact SUV segment in the US, where the Infiniti QX30 is much more successful than in Europe and takes 3rd place behind the X1 and GLA.

Compact premium SUV segment 2017-H1 2016-H1 Change Share
1 BMW X1 60.057 46.657 29% 30,3%
2 Audi Q2 42.118 0 New 21,2%
3 Audi Q3 41.727 50.872 -18% 21,0%
4 Mercedes-Benz GLA 33.221 33.118 0% 16,7%
5 Mini Countryman 20.200 20.201 0% 10,2%
6 Infiniti QX30 1.031 60 New 0,5%
Segment total 198.354 150.908 31%

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Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC, JATO Dynamics.