European sales 2017 first half: large MPV segment

Large_MPV-segment-European-sales-2017-Ford_S_Max-Seat_Alhambra-Volkswagen_SharanAfter a strong rebound in 2016, the large MPV segment continues its demise. A 23% loss in Q2 means sales are only slightly higher than the Q2-2015 level and on par with Q2-2014 again. All nameplates lose volume in Q2, five out of seven with double digits, and only one manages to improve in the first half. In that depressed context, the Ford S-Max holds on to its lead of the segment, but a 17% loss in Q2 means it outsold its nearest rival by only 1.000 units. That was the Seat Alhambra, which reclaims the #2 spot year-to-date from its clone Volkswagen Sharan. Combined, the VW Group twins hold a 43,5% share of the segment in the first half (45,1% in Q2), up from 39,9% in the same period last year. That’s higher than the combined share of the S-Max and its platform sibling Ford Galaxy, which together hold 38,9% of the segment, down from 39,3% last year. This is despite the fact that the Sharan and Alhambra are by far the oldest models still on sale in the segment, having been introduced in 2010, compared to late 2015/early 2016 for the S-Max and Galaxy.

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Large_MPV-segment-European-sales-2014-Renault_EspaceThe Renault Espace loses 31% of its sales, both in Q2 and the first half, and has no shot of reaching the segment podium. A sore fate for the model that invented the segment, but the last time the Espace was the segment leader is already more than 10 years ago, just before the first generation S-Max arrived. At that time, the segment still had a volume of a quarter million annual sales.

At least the Espace stays ahead of the Galaxy, which is down an even harsher 39% in the second quarter, pulling its year-to-date figured down by 29%. The SsangYong Rodius enjoyed a booming first quarter, potentially from a one-time fleet order, because it was stable again in Q2. Its first half figure is still up 10%, but it remains stuck at the bottom of the ranking by a large margin. The Lancia Voyager somehow manages to sell another 3 units in Q2, which leaves us wondering how many unsold stock remains of this model in Europe.

For 2017 we don’t expect any big news, as Volkswagen hasn’t revealed any plans about the future of its models, when they will be replaced, if at all.

Also check the Minivan segment in the US, where the all-new Chrysler Pacifica is up to second place behind the ancient Dodge Caravan, while all others suffer double digit losses.

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Large MPV segment 2017-H1 2016-H1 Change Share
1 Ford S-Max 20.260 22.479 -10% 27,9%
2 Seat Alhambra 16.303 16.631 -2% 22,5%
3 Volkswagen Sharan 15.246 17.602 -13% 21,0%
4 Renault Espace 11.635 16.776 -31% 16,0%
5 Ford Galaxy 7.968 11.254 -29% 11,0%
6 SsangYong Rodius / Stavic 1.112 1.011 10% 1,5%
7 Lancia Voyager 6 67 -91% 0%
Segment total 72.530 85.828 -15%

Car sales statistics are from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC, JATO Dynamics.

  1. A dying breed. Even when this segment, against all odds, suddenly would grow 50%, it still is too difficult to compete against the SUV/CUV frenzy. And make a decent buck.

    Interesting article about the SUV/CUV demand on Autonews.c
    “They are profit generators for all manufacturers. Customers want them so bad price becomes quasi-irrelevant. Hardly anyone orders 4×4. x4 Percentage 1,5 to 5%”

  2. In many statistics Espace is no longer described as VAN but a Seg-D Crossover (one and only 😉 )

    I think Espace performance was hit by Talisman and Koleos arrival. I wonder if adding 1.8TCe engine will help.

  3. Adding new 2.0 dci with more power might help( coming first half next year) but it doesn’t change the fact that it is not “cool” with all those SUVs nor is it as practical for people who really need space. Also, its image was hampered by problems because it was first big Renault of this generation.

  4. Two main reasons for the Espace performance:

    – it doesn’t do well with rental/taxi companies (i.e. fleet sales) unlike the Fords and VW twin.
    – its crossover makeover puts it closer to the Talisman (Estate) and Koleos compared with the former Espace and Laguna generations.

  5. The S-Max and Espace look really cool. If I had four kids, I would love to have one. But how many people do?

    1. Are you trying to be funny Funny guy or are you serious? If so, this is by far one of the most ignorant posts ever on CSB.

      I happen to know a couple of caucasian families with four or more children. One of these families just bought a Mazda5.

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