European sales 2016 Q1-Q3 Subcompact car segment

Subcompact_car-segment-European-sales-2016_Q3-Volkswagen_Polo-Ford_Fiesta-Renault_ClioSales of subcompact cars in Europe are up just 2% in the first nine months of 2016, and they were flat in Q3. Europe’s biggest segment is in a low point of its product cycle, with a lot of new and updated models due in the coming months, including new generations for the two best sellers and a facelift of the #3. Still, only two models out of the top-12 are down year-on-year, with the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa less than one tenth of a percent. In each of the three quarters we’ve had a different leader this year: we started with the Ford Fiesta on top, then after six months the Renault Clio had taken over, and now in the third quarter the Volkswagen Polo has taken charge, even though the Fiesta outsold it in Q3 despite both being in the final stage of their life cycle. The Peugeot 208 is the big winner in the top-5 and the Dacia Sandero takes those honors for the top-10, even though it was passed by the Skoda Fabia this quarter.

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Renault-Zoe-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeThe Seat Ibiza outsold the Citroën C3 in Q3 but remains in 10th place year-to-date. The Hyundai i20 is back into positive territory after losing ground in the first half, while the Fiat Punto, Nissan Micra, Dacia Logan and Suzuki Swift keep increasing their losses. The latter is partially cannibalized by the Baleno, a less sporty but more practical hatchback, which we’ve constituded as a compact car for now. The big winner of the segment is still the all-electric Renault Zoe, but it still hasn’t been able to truely break through into mainstream territory of the segment. However, that may change soon when the updated version arrives in showrooms, with a proclaimed theoretical range of 400km. We expect new generations of the Citroën C3 and Nissan Micra in showrooms in the last quarter of the year, plus the already mentioned replacements to the segment’s top sellers, so 2017 promises to be a dynamic year for this segment.

Subcompact segment 2016 Q3 2015 Q3 Change
1 Volkswagen Polo 237.668 229.335 4%
2 Ford Fiesta 230.375 247.527 -7%
3 Renault Clio 229.678 229.643 0%
4 Opel/Vauxhall Corsa 208.963 209.086 0%
5 Peugeot 208 192.409 172.112 12%
6 Toyota Yaris 147.483 138.746 6%
7 Skoda Fabia 133.317 120.332 11%
8 Dacia Sandero 132.123 111.208 19%
9 Citroën C3 97.562 93.467 4%
10 Seat Ibiza 94.831 92.961 2%
11 Hyundai i20 74.201 72.114 3%
12 Kia Rio 53.218 49.453 8%
13 Fiat Punto 49.864 60.967 -18%
14 Nissan Micra 45.927 51.142 -10%
15 Dacia Logan 38.174 41.511 -8%
16 Suzuki Swift 35.814 43.214 -17%
17 Honda Jazz 30.220 24.935 21%
18 Mazda2 29.168 27.715 5%
19 Renault Zoe 15.537 11.593 34%
20 MG3 2.574 1.970 31%
21 Ford Ka+ 1.791 0 New
22 Chevrolet Aveo 36 118 -69%
23 Peugeot 207 16 1.373 -99%
Segment total 2.080.949 2.030.564 2%

Also check out the subcompact car segment in the US where the Kia Soul edged out the Nissan Versa (Note) to reclaim the segment lead.

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Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC, JATO Dynamics.