European sales 2016 Q1-Q3 Premium Large SUV segment

Large_Premium_SUV-segment-European-sales-2016_Q2-BMW_X5-Volvo_XC90-Audi_Q7Sales of large premium SUVs in Europe are up 25% in the first three quarters of 2016, significantly faster than the overall market at +7,5%, and at double the rate of growth in the US, where this segment grows 13%. However, in Europe this segment takes only 1,9% of total market volume, compared to 3,4% in the United States. The podium remains unchanged from the first half of the year, with the BMW X5 still in the lead, ahead of the two newest entries in the top-10: Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7, unable to fight for the lead despite being much fresher than the X5. In fact, the Mercedes-Benz GLE also outsold them both in Q3 and moves into fourth place year-to-date, passing the Range Rover Sport. The entire top-4 of the segment is available with a plug-in hybrid option, which has helped popularity of the segment as a whole.

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The Land Rover Discovery, in the final stages of its life cycle as the much sleeker successor has already been revealed, is enjoying a second youth in terms of sales, up 53,5% in Q3, outselling the Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne this quarter, as both are down double digits. Year-to-date, the Disco is up 27%, threatening these two VW Group siblings for a top-6 position, a place the nameplate last held in 2007. The Range Rover is down 8% this year and was outsold in Q3 by the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. The latter also bested its main rival BMW X6 by more than 300 units, not enough to challenge it for 11th place by year end, but nonetheless an impressive performance from the Benz. The Lexus RX is the brand’s only model not at or near the bottom of its segment in Europe, as it more than doubles up thanks to the new generation. The Mercedes-Benz GLS and G-Class are both up with impressive figures, but were still both outsold by the Tesla Model X in the third quarter. The two newcomers in the segment are still at the bottom of the ranking: the Maserati Levante looks set to pass the Infiniti QX70 by year end, while a monthly selling rate of 100 units is actually pretty impressive for the ultraluxury Bentley Bentayga, a model not intended to storm the charts, similar to the upcoming Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Also check out the premium large SUV segment in the US, where the Mercedes GLE loses its 2nd place to the Acura MDX again.

Premium large SUV segment 2016 Q3 2015 Q3 Change
1 BMW X5 28.180 28.315 0%
2 Volvo XC90 26.386 10.188 159%
3 Audi Q7 24.430 13.409 82%
4 Mercedes-Benz GLE 22.649 2.216 922%
5 Range Rover Sport 21.728 21.903 -1%
6 Volkswagen Touareg 12.888 16.705 -23%
7 Porsche Cayenne 12.205 14.205 -14%
8 Land Rover Discovery 12.038 9.495 27%
9 Range Rover 10.214 11.142 -8%
10 Jeep Grand Cherokee 9.904 10.021 -1%
11 BMW X6 9.493 10.983 -14%
12 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe 8.443 2.089 304%
13 Lexus RX 6.900 2.678 158%
14 Mercedes-Benz GL/GLS 4.132 2.979 39%
15 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 3.035 2.027 50%
16 Tesla Model X 1.889 0 New
17 Infiniti QX70 1.137 1.166 -2%
18 Maserati Levante 900 0 New
19 Bentley Bentayga 693 0 New
20 Land Rover Defender 168 868 -81%
21 Mercedes-Benz R-Class 3 7 -57%
Segment total 217.415 174.605 25%

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Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC, JATO Dynamics.