European sales 2016 Q1-Q3 Premium Large segment


The premium large car segment in Europe is down 3% in the first nine months of 2016, as only two models in the top-10 improve their sales, while six others are down with double digits. As expected, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class takes control of the segment thanks to its new generation, growing by 13% and passing the Audi A6, up by less than 1% so far this year. At least that’s still better than most others, and the A6 actually adds a full percentage point of share, even though it’s about to be replaced next year. As we’ve seen with the A4 and now the A5 and Q5, Audi is able to keep sales of its outgoing models impressively stable, all the way to their replacement by the next generation. BMW can’t say the same, with its 5-Series down 10% for the year, as its successor has already been revealed. In terms of design, this is one of the most conservative in the market, and BMW proves that point once again with the evolutionairy design of the next-gen 5.

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Volvo_S90-V90-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeVolvo loses a big chunk of volume in Q3 as production of the V70/XC70 and the already slow selling S80 has ended and the models are being replaced by the S90/V90 of which only the sedan has been available until now. Once the station wagon starts to hit full capacity, the Swedish brand should be able to defend its fourth place of the segment. Despite its facelift, the Jaguar XF can’t seem to gain traction in Europe, in contrast to the US premium large car segment, where it’s the only model to increase sales this year as all others are down. The Tesla Model S is also taking a hit, cannibalized by the introduction of the Model X SUV, but comfortably in 6th place as the Audi A7 and even more so the Mercedes-Benz CLS and BMW 6-Series are also losing volume. Like the Model S, the Maserati Ghibli is hurt by the arrival of an SUV in its showrooms. The Lexus GS is making an impressive comeback from a low base, distancing itself from the other Asian players Infiniti Q70 and Hyundai Genesis, but still hasn’t returned to its 2014 levels.

Also check out the premium large car segment in the US, where the Lexus ES is still the commanding leader and the  A6 is just in 6th place behind the Hyundai Genesis and Cadillac XTS.

Premium large car segment 2016 Q3 2015 Q3 Change
1 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 74.285 65.679 13%
2 Audi A6 / S6 / RS6 / Allroad 72.552 71.991 1%
3 BMW 5-series 61.430 68.313 -10%
4 Volvo V70 / XC70 29.516 34.506 -14%
5 Jaguar XF 12.713 13.717 -7%
6 Tesla Model S 8.973 10.158 -12%
7 Audi A7 / S7 / RS7 7.261 8.146 -11%
8 Mercedes-Benz CLS 6.152 10.038 -39%
9 BMW 6-series 4.517 5.784 -22%
10 Maserati Ghibli 3.440 3.707 -7%
11 Volvo S90/V90 1.748 0 New
12 Lexus GS 1.643 1.148 43%
13 Volvo S80 839 1.774 -53%
14 Infiniti Q70 377 407 -7%
15 Hyundai Genesis 120 191 -37%
16 Lancia Thema / Chrysler 300C 25 29 -14%
Segment total 285.591 295.588 -3%

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Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC, JATO Dynamics.