European sales 2016 Q1 Premium Compact segment

Compact_Premium_Car-segment-European-sales-2016_Q1-Audi_A3-Mercedes_Benz_A_Class-BMW_1_seriesSales of premium compact cars in Europe grew faster than the overall market in Q1 of 2016, at +10%. The long-standing leader of the segment, the Audi A3, stays firmly in control despite flat sales and therefore a diminished share. Bear in mind Audi sells all versions under the same name: three-door, five-door, sedan and convertible, while its main rivals use different names to differentiate the body types. At brand level, Mercedes-Benz remains the best seller of compact luxury cars with its four vehicles under three nameplates: the Mercedes-Benz A-Class adds 19% to its volume thanks to its facelift and moves past the also facelifted BMW 1-Series for the #2 spot. The 1-series has flat sales, but the Bavarian brand still is the fastest growing brand in the segment thanks to the 61% increase of the BMW 2-series Active/Gran Tourer, which beat the Mercedes-Benz fairly and squarely to become the best selling premium MPV.

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Infiniti_Q30-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeThe Volvo V40 holds on to its 5th place despite a loss of 7%, but the Mercedes-Benz CLA four-door coupe and Shooting Brake station wagon is closing in fast, adding almost half to its volume of Q1 2015. That puts it ahead of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, which adds 8% to its forgettable score of last year. A minor facelift for the model is on its way, but won’t hide the fact that the model is starting to age. The BMW 2-series Coupe & Convertible also improve impressively, while the facelifted DS4 grows slower than the rest of the segment. In the race of green luxury hatchbacks, the BMW i3 distances the Lexus CT and will do even more so for the remainder of the year thanks to the generous subsidy of € 4.000,- on an EV and € 3.000,- on a PHEV the German government will offer together with the participating automakers. We welcome the Infiniti Q30 to the segment, still in start-up mode, but aiming for a top-10 position by the end of the year.

Also check out the premium compact car segment in the US, where the Audi A3 sedan kicks the Mercedes-Benz CLA off the top spot.

Premium compact car segment 2016 Q1 2015 Q1 Change
1 Audi A3 / S3 / RS3 53.946 54.154 0%
2 Mercedes-Benz A-Class 35.245 29.615 19%
3 BMW 1-series 31.069 31.415 -1%
4 BMW 2-series Active/Gran Tourer 26.959 16.791 61%
5 Volvo V40 17.742 18.991 -7%
6 Mercedes-Benz B-Class 17.557 21.496 -18%
7 Mercedes-Benz CLA 16.895 11.341 49%
8 Alfa Romeo Giulietta 12.419 11.504 8%
9 BMW 2-series Coupe & Convertible 8.113 5.281 54%
10 DS4 4.885 4.717 4%
11 BMW i3 2.902 2.486 17%
12 Lexus CT 2.249 2.351 -4%
13 Infiniti Q30 1.006 0 New
14 Lancia Delta 1 111 -99%
Segment total 230.988 210.253 10%


Premium small car segment

Small_Premium_Car-segment-European-sales-2016_Q3-Mini_Cooper-Audi_A1-DS3One segment smaller, the premium small car segment grows at less than half the rate of their compact rivals. And that’s thanks to just one of the four models, with the Audi A1 adding more than a quarter to its volume of last year, while the other three show single-digit declines. The ranking remains unchanged, with the Mini holding on to its first place with still a comfortable margin to the little Audi. The DS3 is about to be facelifted, but as I’ve said before, that doesn’t do the design any favors in my opinion, so we’ll have to see how that helps the model recover some of the lost ground. The Alfa Romeo MiTo benefits from a recovery of the overall Italian market, where half of its sales are registered.


Premium small car segment 2016 Q1 2015 Q1 Change
1 Mini 30.705 32.482 -5%
2 Audi A1 26.074 20.621 26%
3 DS3 12.238 12.815 -5%
4 Alfa Romeo MiTo 3.202 3.488 -8%
Segment total 72.219 69.406 4%