European sales 2016 first half Premium Midsized and Compact SUV segments

Midsized_Premium_SUV-segment-European-sales-2016_Q2-Volvo_XC60-Range_Rover_Evoque-Mercedes_Benz_GLCThe midsized premium SUV segment in Europe enjoys hot demand with sales up 25% in the first half of 2016. This is a result of renewed models and the introduction of new players to the segment, but while most premium segments are dominated by the Germans, amazingly the leader of the midsized premium crossover class is an already 8-year old Swede! The Volvo XC60 shows flat sales and therefore loses a big chunk of share compared to last year, but its lead was big enough to hold on to the pole position. Behind it, there’s a fierce three-way battle for 2nd place between the Range Rover Evoque, freshly facelifted and segment leader in Q1, the Mercedes-Benz GLC, all-new and ready to take control of the segment, something its predecessor GLK never achieved, and the Audi Q5, just as old as the Volvo but #2 of the segment in Q2. The Volvo is likely to hang on to the lead and the GLC will leapfrog the Evoque by the next quarter for sure, but for the rest of this top-4….. The Audi’s strength is amazing and I almost can’t believe it could still outsell the completely fresh and great-looking Mercedes, but that’s exactly what it’s done in the second quarter and remains a force to be reckoned with.

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Jaguar_F_Pace-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeJaguar-Land Rover has another two aces up its sleeve in this segment with the Discovery Sport, the only model available with optional 7-seat capacity, up 73% in 5th place, and the all-new Jaguar F-Pace, launched in Q2. With just the two Land Rovers, the British manufacturer would already the biggest of the segment, but the F-Pace only adds to that success. It already outsold the Lexus NX in its introduction quarter and the Porsche Macan in June, its third month of sales. Where does that leave BMW? Well, the X3 and X4 improve their volume, but by single digits and therefore lose share of the segment. Even when combined, the two models would only be in 2nd place behind the XC60. A new third generation BMW X3 will be launched in 2017, and that might help the brand to better compete in this segment. We also welcome the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe to the segment in Q2 with its first 13 sales in June. After its start-up phase, the GLC Coupe should be able to challenge the BMW X4 and the Macan for 8th place behind the F-Pace.

2016 first half premium midsized SUV sales Europe

Midsized premium SUV segment 2016 H1 2015 H1 Change
1 Volvo XC60 38.598 38.735 0%
2 Range Rover Evoque 34.684 30.722 13%
3 Mercedes-Benz GLC 34.175 0 New
4 Audi Q5 33.597 32.604 3%
5 Land Rover Discovery Sport 26.419 15.291 73%
6 BMW X3 24.391 23.058 6%
7 BMW X4 12.898 12.760 1%
8 Porsche Macan 12.173 11.854 3%
9 Lexus NX 8.534 7.039 21%
10 Jaguar F-Pace 5.177 0 New
11 Mercedes-Benz GLK 300 12.127 -98%
12 Infiniti QX50 51 97 -47%
13 Land Rover Freelander 24 312 -92%
14 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe 13 0 New
Segment total 231.034 184.599 25%

Also check out the premium midsized SUV segment in the US, where the Acura RDX takes the lead because of Cadillac’s change from SRX to XT5.

Premium Compact Crossover segment

Compact_Premium_Crossover-segment-European-sales-2016_Q2-Audi_Q3-BMW_X1-Mercedes_Benz_GLAOne size smaller, sales of premium compact crossovers improve even faster at +27% and BMW is much stronger here thanks to a recent redesign of the X1, which more than doubles the volume of its awkwardly proportioned predecessor. Still, the BMW X1 is so far unable to knock the Audi Q3 off its throne, as the small Audi improves 18% after a mild facelift. That leaves the Mercedes-Benz GLA a distant third while the Mini Countryman/Paceman is the only model to lose volume in the first half. A new generation Countryman will be revealed at the Paris Autoshow next month, and it is expected to get a plug-in hybrid option in time as well, a system similar to that of the BMW 225xe Active Tourer. The Paceman won’t be replaced.

2016 first half premium compact crossover sales Europe

Also check out the premium compact SUV segment in the US, where the top-3 is exactly upside-down from Europe.

Compact premium SUV segment 2016 H1 2015 H1 Change
1 Audi Q3 50.872 43.216 18%
2 BMW X1 46.657 22.322 109%
3 Mercedes-Benz GLA 33.118 30.071 10%
4 Mini Countryman / Paceman 20.201 23.431 -14%
Segment total 150.848 119.040 27%
  1. Just compare Q3 to X1 and GLA. Q3 looks to dull, unattractive, ugly. Plus Q3 has the same technology as Skoda. New A3 even uses 1 litre petrol engine 🙂 LOL

    Why people choose VAG products?

    1. Because of nationalism!German market is the largest!And yes still hovers the spirit for the german technical superiority!

    2. 1. X1 and GLA look like chinese cars, so there is no difference in “ugliness” between them and Q3

      2. BMW 3 series also uses 3 cylinder engine now and so what?

      3. Better have the same technology as Skoda than have the same technology as Dacia which we can find in Mercedes… 🙂 LOL

      4. Why people choose VW AG products? Because they prefere them above cheap made french cars with the highest deprecation on the market – for example

      1. @Pedro – I’m happy about that as well. Germans made car marker so predictable.

      2. “Why people choose VW AG products? Because they prefere them above cheap made french cars”

        This is the biggest myth but yes, people believe in it.

      3. “Why people choose VW AG products? Because they prefere them above cheap made french cars”

        “This is the biggest myth but yes, people believe in it.”

        This not a myth. This is the truth.

  2. Looking at these figures I only think one thing: Europe needs SUVs like the Lincoln MKC, Acura RDX and Buick Envision. All compact SUVs and most midsized SUVs available in Europe don’t have any class at all. I can understand why Mini doesn’t go for the macho look, because they always use a very distinctive and playful design. But I don’t accept the Q3 (a fat A1), X1, GLA, GLC (a heightened C Estate), GLC Coupe/X4 (wannabe SsangYongs), X3 and Macan (soft-boiled egg) being cheap as they are. The non-German cars such as the XC60/F-Pace/Evoque are stylish, classy and tough. That’s how an SUV should look like!

  3. The european market is smothered by the german brands unfortunately.
    Only now are we starting to see a bit of competition. Fortunately people are giving a chance to Jaguar/Land Rover and Volvo in the more profitable SUV segments.

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