European sales 2016 first half large MPV segment


Sales of large MPVs are booming thanks to an infusion of fresh products into the segment. In the first half of 2016, sales are up 59% compared to the same period in 2015, as not only the three newcomers gain impressive volume, but also 2 out of the 3 existing models. Ford is the king of the segment with a share of 39,3% for its two models, both redesigned in the past year. The Ford S-Max is the segment leader with triple the sales of its previous generation, but the already six-year old Volkswagen Sharan was just 1.000 units behind the S-Max in Q2 and jumped from #4 in Q1 to #2 for the first half, leapfrogging the all-new Renault Espace. This must be a disappointment for Renault, as the brand is on a good roll in Europe with its latest models and the new design language, and it surely must have hoped the fifth generation Espace could take back the lead in the segment it created 35 years ago in Europe. In Q2 it was even outsold by the Seat Alhambra, the Sharan’s clone.

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One could argue that Renault is missing out because it sacrificed practicality for style, as the Espace really doesn’t fit adults on the third row, but that would contradict the success of the S-Max over the Galaxy, which proves that there’s more demand for a sporty MPV than for a boxy one. But in fact Germany is the key to the ranking in this segment: the S-Max and Sharan both sold around 7.500 units in Europe’s largest market, while the Espace, being a large French car and therefore a hard sell in Germany, sold just 1.500 units there, which is exactly the gap that separates the Espace from the #1 place in the segment. Besides that, missing the UK market is a big drawback as well for the Espace, as it is for the Talisman in the midsized car segment. The UK accounts for about 20% of combined S-Max and Galaxy sales, whereas the Espace is not available in right-hand drive.

Also check out the Minivan segment in the US, where the aging Dodge Grand Caravan retakes the lead thanks to doubling its sales and the Chrysler Pacifica arrives.

Large MPV segment 2016 H1 2015 H1 Change
1 Ford S-Max 22.479 7.064 218%
2 Volkswagen Sharan 17.602 20.279 -13%
3 Renault Espace 16.776 6.667 152%
4 Seat Alhambra 16.631 13.019 28%
5 Ford Galaxy 11.254 4.656 142%
6 SsangYong Rodius / Stavic 1.011 820 23%
7 Lancia/Chrysler Voyager 67 1.494 -96%
8 Peugeot 807 5 54 -91%
9 Citroën C8 3 65 -95%
Segment total 85.828 54.118 59%


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Car sales statistics are from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC, JATO Dynamics.

    1. What are you talking about?
      VW Sharan (17.602) + Alhambra (16.631) = 34.266 vs 16.776 for Espace
      And Sharan/Alhambra is almost 7 years old – its sales is still better than the new Renault
      Renault hasn’t chances against VW Group

      1. 152% increase is a HUGE percentage of increase!This percentage can’t be lost easy.Versus that we are VW -13% for Sharan and +28% for Alhambra!

      2. 152% increase and still behind VW… Sharan/Alhambra is twice higher than Espace sales

      3. Bazooka is a total VAG fanboy:) In every post I see your bitter comments. Try to be more open for discussion.

        I think Espace won’t beat Sharan without UK market + I think this is not a van anymore.

        BUT saying that sales for this car are “poor” is unreasonable. Espace is among the market leaders!

      4. ToJa is a total VW hater and french cars fanboy 🙂 In every post I see your bitter comments. Try to be more open for discussion.

        And yes comparing sales of Sharan/Alhambra (34.266 ) to sales of Espce (16.776) we must say that figures for french car are poor. Previous generation Espace was several year a market leader in terms of sales.

  1. Personally I like Espace very much but I’ve heard that not only it is no longer a Van but it lacks so essential things as cup holders.

    I think S-Max is much more a Van than Espace is. In some stats Renault even counts Espace as E class.

    But second thing is UK market where vans are strong.

    1. To Bazooka-Really i see that the Espace is behind VW with just 826 units and for a one year VW’s sales diminished with 2677 units for that time the sales of the Espace increased with 10109 units.I can’t see how VW can defend the 3rd position.And were is the new generation of the Sharan and were is the new Alhambra?After only two or three months Espace will be far ahead from VAG’s shitboxes!

      1. 1.Espace isn’t behind VW with 826 units only because Sharan/Alhambra is the same car and the difference between them is another badge only – Sharan/Alhambra sales is twice higher Espace…

        2. Espace is on the market since may 2015 and VW Groups mpvs still sale better…

        3. Espace sales increased because previous generation was very old and thats why its sales was so poor, but the new model isn’t succes and won’t be higher – what we’re seeing now are max figures for this model

        4. Shitboxes? Escace is a shitbox for much more people – it’s clear to understand when you look at poor sales figures for this car.

  2. Reasons for the modest Espace numbers

    a. The Sharan, and to a lesser extent Alhambra, benefits from a huge home market
    b. The Ford’s monopolize the UK market, 2nd lagest in Europe
    c. Typically, France is not a country where large cars flourish
    d. Previous gen Espaces were popular in the UK – the IV however is not available there (will cost 5000 p/a)

    1. You’re spot on! In this respect, the Espace performs very well. The UK has always been Ford territory and Ford Europe has a German background so I’m not surprised the Germans prefer the S-Max. Let’s not forget the unorthodox design which, unfortunately, most of the time doesn’t benefit a car in conservative Europe.

  3. Except the new Espace who will outsell sharan after two to three months the new Ford Galaxy will make the same!

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