European sales 2015 Subcompact segment

Subcompact_car-segment-European-sales-2015-Ford_Fiesta-Renault_Clio-Volkswagen_PoloThe subcompact car segment grows slower than the overall European car market at +6%, as only two models have been renewed last year. Still, 2.646.842 sales mean it’s still the biggest segment in Europe with more than 300.000 units advantage over the compact car segment. The Ford Fiesta leads for the 4th straight year and the 6th time in the last 7 years. The Renault Clio manages to hold on to its #2 spot above the Volkswagen Polo, despite the latter gaining 8% and closing in quickly. All three have sold over 300.000 units last year. The Opel/Vauxhall Corsa, Peugeot 208 and Toyota Yaris follow in the same order as the year before to keep the entire top-6 ranking stable, but the renewed Skoda Fabia adds almost as much volume as the three competitors ahead of it and moves past the Dacia Sandero and Citroën C3 to take 7th place.

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Subcompact_car-segment-European-sales-2015-Hyundai_i20The Hyundai i20 breaks its volume record again, but as I’ve said before the new generation still disappoints with sales up only 9% on the old model. Perhaps the introduction of more efficient turbocharged engines in 2016 will give the i20 a boost, literally and figuratively. At least the i20 managed to outsell the very “mature” Fiat Punto, which breaks its own record for the lowest annual volume as Fiat is taking its time working on a replacement.

Nissan-Sway-4The Nissan Micra is up 10% even though it’s going to be replaced this year, and Nissan has hinted at a more exciting design with the Sway concept car at the Geneva Auto show last year. The Mazda2 shows what a more exciting design can do to the sales of a model, as it is the fastest growing model in the segment at +46%, moving past the Honda Jazz’, which is the biggest loser in the top-20. The new generation Jazz has finally arrived in Honda showrooms in Europe, about 2 years and 3 months after it went on sale in Japan, so I don’t expect it to work miracles for Honda dealers who also have the HR-V to sell now.

The Renault Zoe adds an impressive 67% of volume to sell almost 18.500 units, which is an annual record for an electric car in Europe. Also a record, but for a Chinese car in Europe, for the UK-only MG3 at 2.603 sales, up 60% from 2014.

Suzuki_Baleno-European-car-sales-2015-subcompact-segmentThis year Nissan will replace the Micra as mentioned above, and Suzuki will double its number of models in the segment with the addition of the no-frills Baleno, which re-introduces a familiar name. The Baleno will cater to buyers looking for space and practicality, while the Swift should continue to appeal to a somewhat younger crowd.


Subcompact segment 2015 2014 Change
1. Ford Fiesta 313.610 308.345 2%
2. Renault Clio 303.240 299.623 1%
3. Volkswagen Polo 301.462 279.463 8%
4. Opel/Vauxhall Corsa 268.846 250.342 7%
5. Peugeot 208 228.088 214.547 6%
6. Toyota Yaris 182.407 169.016 8%
7. Skoda Fabia 159.927 116.337 37%
8. Dacia Sandero 147.497 138.709 6%
9. Citroën C3 123.443 129.612 -5%
10. Seat Ibiza 118.055 112.928 5%
11. Hyundai i20 91.758 83.903 9%
12. Fiat Punto 79.202 86.955 -9%
13. Nissan Micra 66.147 60.318 10%
14. Kia Rio 63.930 58.425 9%
15. Dacia Logan 56.144 54.549 3%
16. Suzuki Swift 54.442 49.854 9%
17. Mazda2 35.478 24.289 46%
18. Honda Jazz 30.510 37.645 -19%
19. Renault Zoe 18.469 11.090 67%
20. MG3 2.603 1.628 60%
21. Peugeot 207 1.401 16.110 -91%
22. Chevrolet Aveo 140 3.774 -96%
23. Toyota Urban Cruiser 24 355 -93%
24. Mitsubishi Colt 19 222 -91%
Segment total 2.646.842 2.508.432 6%

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