European sales 2015 Q1-Q3 Premium Midsized and Compact SUV segments

European-sales-premium_compact_SUV_segment-Volvo_XC60Sales of premium midsized SUVs in Europe slow down their impressive growth rate in Q3, with sales up 13% for the quarter, compared to 29% in the first half of 2015. This means the segment has already added over 50.000 units of volume so far this year. Much of this growth comes from new entrants to the segment, but also from the segment leader this year: the Volvo XC60. With an increase of 29% and almost 13.000 added sales, the XC60 looks unbeatable for the rest of the year , even though the Audi Q5 outsold it in August and was only 1.000 units behind in the third quarter.

The Range Rover Evoque has suddenly lost a third of its volume in Q3, after gaining 11% in the first half. The Evoque will be facelifted slightly, without much changes to its exterior design, and the addition of a convertible won’t make much of an impact sales-wise, as our readers agreed in the poll. Another reason for the Evoque slowdown could be cannibalization from the Land Rover Discovery Sport, although that model still hasn’t found traction in the way that I had expected from it, especially considering it’s the only model in the segment that offers a 7-seater option. For now, it doesn’t threaten the BMW in its fourth place of the segment, and instead the Porsche Macan even outsold the Discovery Sport in Q3. The Macan leapfrogged the BMW X4 for sixth place of the segment, but the gap to the Land Rover is too wide to close in the last three months of the year.


mercedes_Benz_GLC-european_car_sales-2015-premium_compact_SUV_segmentThe new Mercedes-Benz GLC makes its first appearance in the ranking, causing the outgoing to rack up just 1.187 sales in Q3. With a much improved design from the square GLK-looks that never really caught on, the GLC should be able to fight for a top-5 position in 2016. I don’t think Mercedes-Benz expects anything less from the model. The changeover at Mercedes opens up an opportunity for the Lexus NX to grab 8th place by the end of the year.

2015 January – September premium midsized SUV sales Europe

Premium midsized SUV segment Jan-Sep 2015 Jan-Sep 2014 Change
1. Volvo XC60 56.335 43.647 29%
2. Audi Q5 49.210 45.129 9%
3. Range Rover Evoque 38.551 39.109 -1%
4. BMW X3 33.939 37.106 -9%
5. Land Rover Discovery Sport 21.340 0 New
6. Porsche Macan 18.225 10.202 79%
7. BMW X4 18.207 4.973 266%
8. Mercedes-Benz GLK 13.314 17.730 -25%
9. Lexus NX 11.611 447 2498%
10. Mercedes-Benz GLC 3.288 0 New
11. Land Rover Freelander 326 15.076 -98%
12. Infiniti QX50 150 108 39%
Segment total 264.496 213.527 24%


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Premium Compact Crossover segment

Sales of premium compact SUVs accelerate their downfall, as the Mercedes-Benz GLA is now on the market for more than 1,5 years and two other models are due to be replaced soon. That leaves the Audi Q3 firmly in command, with sales of the facelifted version up 17,5% in Q3 and 9% for the year so far. It improves its share of the segment to over 37%, similar to the share it held in 2013 when there were only 3 players in the segment.


Audi_Q3-Mercedes_Benz_GLA-Mini_Countryman-european_car_sales-2015-premium_small_SUV_segmentThe GLA consolidates its second place, but appears unable to grab first place, while the Mini Countryman and Paceman lose 27% of their volume due to intensified competition and because they’re starting to show their age as most of the rest of the Mini line-up has been renewed.

Meanwhile, sales of the BMW X1 have come to a virtual halt with only 3.700 units sold in Q3, just a quarter of what it sold in the same period last year. But that’s not very surprising when you keep in mind that the all-new X1 has already been revealed and will arrive in showrooms shortly.

2015 January – September premium compact crossover sales Europe

Premium compact SUV segment Jan-Sep 2015 Jan-Sep 2014 Change
1. Audi Q3 62.939 57.845 9%
2. Mercedes-Benz GLA 46.890 31.534 49%
3. Mini Countryman / Paceman 33.825 46.390 -27%
4. BMW X1 26.023 47.896 -46%
Segment total 169.677 183.665 -8%


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