European sales 2015 Midsized SUV segment

Midsized_SUV-segment-European-sales-2015-Nissan_Qashqai-Volkswagen_Tiguan-Kia_SportageWith an increase of 13% to 1.227.950 sales, the midsized crossover segment in Europe has grown for the sixth consecutive year, almost doubling its volume since 2009. As opposed to the compact and midsized car segments, Volkswagen is not the commanding leader of this segment. Renault-Nissan is, with the Nissan Qashqai breaking its volume record in an unthreatened first place for the 8th year in a row, the 6th of which it sells more than 200.000 units. Renault has added the Kadjar to that, already the #3 of the segment in Q4 while still in start-up mode, while the Nissan X-Trail is the fastest growing model of the segment. Renault-Nissan models are responsible for 70% of the segment growth in 2015 and now hold a 26,1% share of the segment for the year (29,3% in Q4) and that’s unlikely to decrease this year as the Kadjar will reach its full potential and the X-Trail will benefit from the new turbocharged gasoline engine. And Renault is working on a new Koleos to fit above the Kadjar as well.

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Midsized_SUV-segment-European-sales-2015-Volkswagen_Tiguan-Kia_SportageMeanwhile, the competition doesn’t sit still, as Volkswagen has just launched its second generation Tiguan and the renewed Kia Sportage is arriving in showrooms in Q1 as well. That makes the relatively stable sales figures of the outgoing versions even more impressive, with the Tiguan losing just 2% in its 8th year on the market. The Sportage even improves by 9% in the final year of the current generation. The Kia’s cousin Hyundai ix35 loses its fourth place to the Ford Kuga, as it’s being replaced by the Tucson which arrives in 14th place. Combined sales of the outgoing ix35 and the new Tucson would give Hyundai the #3 spot, but Hyundai is expected to have to relegate its fourth place to Renault this year, as the Kadjar has outsold the Tucson every single  month since its launch.

Toyota_RAV4-facelift-2016The Skoda Yeti and Mazda CX-5 are pretty stable in 6th and 7th spot, while the Toyota RAV4 suffers from a terrible Q4 in which it’s down to #13 as customers await the facelifted version. Mitsubishi’s two SUVs show impressive gains, the Outlander because of increased demand for its plug-in hybrid version, the ASX for unknown reasons, as its facelift will arrive in the second half of this year. The Suzuki S-Cross loses a quarter of its volume, possibly from cannibalization by the smaller Vitara, while the Fiat Freemont (a rebadged Dodge Journey) is now under threat from its FCA sibling Jeep Cherokee.

Auto-sales-statistics-China-MG_GS-SUV2016 will bring a number of new entrants to the segment, most notably from the Volkswagen Group, which will build Seat and Skoda models on the platform of the new Tiguan. MG is expected to bring the GS crossover to the UK following its successful launch in China, and Peugeot will turn the next generation 3008 into a real crossover instead of the MPV that the first generation was.


Midsized SUV segment 2015 2014 Change
1. Nissan Qashqai 230.661 202.914 14%
2. Volkswagen Tiguan 148.338 150.641 -2%
3. Kia Sportage 104.984 96.556 9%
4. Ford Kuga 102.464 86.445 19%
5. Hyundai ix35 84.264 93.540 -10%
6. Skoda Yeti 64.348 63.419 1%
7. Mazda CX-5 56.179 57.289 -2%
8. Toyota RAV4 51.838 54.187 -4%
9. Renault Kadjar 49.520 0 New
10. Honda CR-V 46.967 49.182 -5%
11. Mitsubishi Outlander 46.581 33.744 38%
12. Mitsubishi ASX 45.228 35.295 28%
13. Nissan X-Trail 40.243 16.178 149%
14. Hyundai Tucson 36.094 0 New
15. Suzuki S-Cross 29.087 39.070 -26%
16. Subaru Forester 14.428 13.889 4%
17. Fiat Freemont 13.821 17.389 -21%
18. Jeep Cherokee 12.442 8.629 44%
19. Citroën C4 Aircross 11.771 12.142 -3%
20. Subaru XV 8.925 10.745 -17%
21. Opel/Vauxhall Antara 6.746 8.461 -20%
22. Jeep Wrangler 6.059 5.302 14%
23. SsangYong Korando 5.795 4.820 20%
24. Renault Koleos 4.675 7.418 -37%
25. Suzuki Grand Vitara 3.210 6.213 -48%
26. Peugeot 4008 2.442 2.533 -4%
27. Jeep Compass 616 4.829 -87%
28. DR5 165 106 56%
29. Chevrolet Captiva 59 2.928 -98%
Segment total 1.227.950 1.083.921 13%


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Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC, JATO Dynamics. Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC, JATO Dynamics.