European sales 2015 first half Large MPV segment

Renault-Espace-new_generation-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeSales of large MPVs are down 19% in the first half, which is a slight recovery from the -26% in Q1. Both Ford models still losing more than half of their volume, as the new generations S-Max and Galaxy have only just been introduced. The S-Max will start its comeback in Q3 and the Galaxy in Q4. Meanwhile, the new generation Renault Espace has already been on sale for a few weeks, and it’s already threatening the S-Max for third place year-to-date. In fact, the Espace outsold its Spanish-built German-American rival by a 3 : 1 ratio in June and even outsold the Seat Alhambra that month to claim second place of the segment.

The Volkswagen Sharan remains unfazed by the arrival of the Espace, and even increases its growth rate from +5% in Q1 to +10% in the first half. The Sharan will surely finish the year on top of the segment, but with the Espace, S-Max and Galaxy in full steam next year, the battle for first place will be on. The Renault has taken first strike, anybody already want to make a prediction for next year?


Lancia-Voyager-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeThe Lancia Voyager, including 18 sales under the Chrysler brand in the UK, is down more than a third and is unlikely to make a comeback in the segment ranking, just like the Citroën C8 and Peugeot 807 which managed 8 and 9 sales respectively in the second quarter. Their last remaining stock models will soon be sold and the pair that used to be a quadruplet with the Lancia Phedra and Fiat Ulysse will become dinosaurs.

That’ll leave just three manufacturers in the segment, plus a minor role for the oddly shaped but very spacious SsangYong Rodius, also known as Stavic.

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class may arguably be considered a large MPV as well, despite its commercial van roots, but since it’s still mostly bought by fleet- and (luxury) taxi companies, it’s not so much a direct competitor to the others in this segment. For comparison, the V-Class would be in third place of the segment in H1 of 2015 with 10.918 sales.

2015 first half large MPV sales Europe

Large MPV segment H1 2015 H1 2014 Change
1. Volkswagen Sharan 20.279 18.462 10%
2. Seat Alhambra 13.019 11.103 17%
3. Ford S-Max 7.064 17.369 -59%
4. Renault Espace 6.667 4.144 61%
5. Ford Galaxy 4.656 10.636 -56%
6. Lancia/Chrysler Voyager 1.494 2.290 -35%
7. SsangYong Rodius / Stavic 820 662 24%
8. Citroën C8 65 1.207 -95%
9. Peugeot 807 54 1.119 -95%
Segment total 54.118 66.992 -19%

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