European sales 2014 first half exotic and sports car segments

Ferrari-458-Italia-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeSales of exotic cars in Europe are down again in the second quarter of 2014, leading to a 1% decline for the first half. Almost all models are down, while the Ferrari 458 Italia is up 4%, and as a result it moves back into the segment top spot for the first time since 2011, pushing the Bentley Continental GT down into second place.

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is down 30% in the second quarter, as final deliveries of the car take place before it is replaced by a smaller model, the AMG GT which should compete with the Porsche 911. As a result, the Ferrari F12, despite sales down 33% for the first half, is closing back in on the third position it held last year.

BMW-i8-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeTwo newcomers, both from the same company but completely different concepts, are climbing up the ranking this year. The Rolls Royce Wraith, a coupe version of the British brand’s smallest luxury sedan Ghost, available with a V12 engine only is on track to end the year in 5th position, while the BMW i8, a Plug-In Electric supercar with a 1,5 liter 3-cylinder range extender which is a showcase of future mobility, has already sold 130 units this year in start-up mode. It sold 53 units in June, a sales pace which should make it a podium contender in 2015.

Also worth mentioning are the 5 sales for the Bugatti Veyron, as part of the last 50 units that will be sold worldwide this year before the already legendary model will be part of history.

2014-H1 2013-H1 Change
1. Ferrari 458 Italia 893 862 4%
2. Bentley Continental GT/GTC 887 975 -9%
3. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 312 348 -10%
4. Ferrari F12 282 421 -33%
5. Aston Martin Vanquish 201 235 -14%
6. Rolls Royce Wraith 188 0 new
7. Aston Martin DBS 149 182 -18%
8. Lamborghini Aventador 137 122 12%
9. BMW i8 130 0 new
10. Ferrari FF 108 122 -11%
11. Lamborghini Gallardo 58 114 -49%
12. Bugatti Veyron 5 2 150%
13. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 1 5 -80%
14. Spyker 1 0
Segment total 3.351 3.388 -1%


Jaguar-F_type-coupe-sports_car-sales-EuropeThe large sports car segment is up 8% in the first half of 2014 thanks to the excellent performance of the Jaguar F-type, now available as a roadster and as a coupe. Its sales are more than doubled from last year, but this doesn’t make the Jag a threat to the Porsche 911, which still sells almost three times as many than its British rival.

The Porsche even manages to increase its sales despite the increased competition, it’s on track for a third straight year of improved sales. It would be interesting to see if the upcoming Mercedes-Benz AMG GT will be able to bring even the slightest dent into 911 sales.

The ageing Jaguar XK enjoying a second wind, with sales up 32%, although that compares to the slowest selling year in the model’s history. Just outside the top-5, the Audi R8 reclaims the sixth position it lost to the Aston Martin Vantage in the first quarter, despite sales still down 23% on last year.

At the bottom of the ranking is the Ferrari California for now, but the new generation California T, with the turbocharged V8 engine, should help it back in front of its two Fiat-Chrysler group siblings from Maserati.

2014-H1 2013-H1 Change
1. Porsche 911 7.440 7.236 3%
2. Jaguar F-type 2.601 1.194 118%
3. Mercedes-Benz SL 1.757 2.135 -18%
4. Jaguar XK 996 752 32%
5. Audi R8 547 707 -23%
6. Aston Martin V8/V12 Vantage 427 426 0%
7. Maserati GranTurismo 203 299 -32%
8. Maserati GranCabrio 135 174 -22%
9. Ferrari California 124 223 -44%
Segment total 14.230 13.146 8%


Audi-TT-Geneva-Autoshow-2014The compact sports car segment is in worse shape, down another 12% on an already disappointing 2013. Only one model in the top-10 manages to increase sales, in addition to a new entrant. And the ranking is far from stable: the Audi TT, soon to be replaced by its third generation, took the lead of the segment in the first quarter, but was down into sixth position in June, even outsold by the Porsche Cayman that month.

As a result, the Mercedes-Benz SLK has reclaimed the segment top spot despite sales down 14% on last year. The recently facelifted Peugeot RCZ has barely held on to its third position, as the BMW Z4 and Mazda MX-5 both outsold the French model in the second quarter.

The biggest loser of the segment is the Toyota GT86, down almost half on the first half of last year, and down from a fourth place over the full year 2013 to seventh with the Porsche Cayman breathing down its neck as well.

The Alfa Romeo 4C moved into ninth place for the second quarter and is closing in on the Chevrolet Camaro to take that position in the year-to-date ranking by next month. Still, its numbers are pretty limited, but that’s also because of a limitation in supply, as Alfa Romeo can only build 3.500 per year of the model for worldwide markets.

2014-H1 2013-H1 Change
1. Mercedes-Benz SLK 6.948 8.041 -14%
2. Audi TT 6.644 6.866 -3%
3. Peugeot RCZ 3.412 4.203 -3%
4. BMW Z4 3.313 3.612 -8%
5. Mazda MX-5 3.284 3.426 -4%
6. Porsche Boxster 2.857 3.730 -23%
7. Toyota GT86 1.701 3.109 -45%
8. Porsche Cayman 1.678 1.574 7%
9. Chevrolet Camaro 632 916 -31%
10. Alfa Romeo 4C 606 0 new
11. Nissan 370Z 402 397 1%
12. Subaru BRZ 352 501 -30%
13. Lotus Exige 143 93 54%
14. Hyundai Genesis coupe 107 152 -30%
15. Lotus Elise 106 100 6%
16. Lotus Evora 42 63 -33%
Segment total 32.227 36.783 -12%


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