European sales 2014 EV and PHEV segments

Sales of zero emission vehicles keep growing fast in Europe, the EV segment has grown another 50% in 2014, to over 60.000 vehicles, as the top-3 has continued to add sales and a flock of new products hit the market last year.

Electric_car-segment-European-sales-2014-Nissan_LEAFThe traditional leader Nissan Leaf has become the first EV to hit 15.000 annual sales in Europe, adding up to over 33.000 cumulative sales for the model. However, the Renault Zoe has outsold the Leaf in each of the last three months of the year with over 5.000 sales in the last quarter alone. The Zoe has become the second electric car to sell over 10.000 units in Europe in a single year and since demand is no longer limited to customers who don’t mind renting the battery separately, there may be a new best selling EV in 2015.


The Tesla Model S continues its impressive performance, selling almost 9.000 cars to a cumulative total of 12.747 European sales in 17 months of sales. Not bad at all for a high-price level car from an American start-up company. Indicating the lack of popularity of US cars in Europe, he Model S was the continent’s second-best selling American car in 2015, behind the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Volkswagen has successfully introduced the e-Up! and e-Golf, with a combined sales tally of 8.778 units, in just a few months of sales. These two will move up the charts some more in 2015.

The Leaf’s MPV sibling Nissan e-NV200 isn’t doing all that bad itself, with 2.300 sales, almost all in Q4, when it was the third-best selling electric car in the segment, just ahead of the Model S.

A new competitor to the BMW i3 without the optional range extender is the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive, which has arrived with a modest 150 sales. It would be nice if I can find split figures for the i3 with and without range extender, so we can compare these two models directly.

Electric_car-segment-European-sales-2014-BYD-e6At the bottom of the list we find the BYD e6, a Chinese zero emission MPV that’s sold primarily to taxi companies, with 20 in use in London since early 2014 and another 34 in Brussels in the last quarter. The London EV-taxi fleet will be expanded in 2015 and talks between BYD and a taxi operator in Barcelona are in advanced stages as well, so the e6 may move up the chart a bit further this year.

Electric car segment 2014 2013 Change
1. Nissan Leaf 15.158 11.097 37%
2. Renault Zoe 11.090 8.262 34%
3. Tesla Model S 8.841 3.906 126%
4. Volkswagen e-Up! 5.450 1.465 272%
5. Renault Kangoo ZE 4.197 5.880 -29%
6. Volkswagen e-Golf 3.328 0 new
7. Smart Fortwo ED 2.726 3.017 -10%
8. Nissan e-NV200 2.300 0 new
9. Renault Twizy 2.293 2.999 -24%
10. Bolloré Blue car 1.170 654 79%
11. Mitsubishi I-Miev 675 901 -25%
12. Citroën C-Zero 613 663 -8%
13. Peugeot iOn 570 469 22%
14. Kia Soul EV 468 0 new
15. Goupil G3 451 516 -13%
16. Peugeot Partner EV 309 0 new
17. Ford Focus Electric 203 0 new
18. Citroën Berlingo EV 187 0 new
19. Mercedes-Benz B-Class ED 150 0 new
20. Renault Fluence ZE 98 357 -73%
21. BYD e6 54 0 new
Segment total 60.331 40.186 50%


Plug-in Hybrid electric cars

The PHEV segment is still dominated by the Mitsubishi Outlander with more than half of all sales in the segment and a PHEV-ratio of almost 60%, by far the highest of all models that offer buyers a choice between ICE-only and plug-in versions.

PHEV_car-segment-European-sales-2014-BMW-i3But the fastest growing brand in this segment is BMW, with the i3 moving into second place and the i8 into fourth position, outselling a number of cars at a much lower price point. And considering sales of BMW’s i-models is limited by production constraints rather than demand, it’s safe to say the Munich brand has hit bullseye with its environmentally conscious cars.

Look for the Volkswagen Golf GTE and its clone Audi e-Tron to move up the charts in 2015 and pass their rivals Opel Ampera and Toyota Prius Plug-In thanks to the marketing power and dealer network of the Volkswagen Group.

Plug-In hybrid segment
2014 2013 Change PHEV %
1. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 19.980 8.440 137% 59,2%
2. BMW i3 9.048 1.447 525% n/a
3. Volvo V60 Plug-In 5.099 7.437 -31% 11,8%
4. BMW i8 1.133 127 792% 100,0%
5. Opel Ampera 939 3.198 -71% 100,0%
6. Porsche Panamera S e-Hybrid (est.) 917 365 151% 15,0%
7. Toyota Prius Plug-In 899 4.314 -79% 11,0%
8. Audi A3 e-Tron 618 0 new 0,3%
9. VW Golf GTE 534 45 new 0,1%
10. Porsche Cayenne S e-Hyrbrid 169 0 new 1,4%
11. Chevrolet Volt 63 949 -93% 100,0%
Segment total 39.399 25.912 52%


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