European sales 2013 Premium midsized and compact SUV segment

BMW-x3-audi-q5-range-rover-evoque-sales-europe-jan-sep-2013The premium midsized SUV segment in Europe as a whole is relatively stable: down 3%, which is slightly more than the downward trend of the total market. No changes in the lead (yet), but the top three have moved closer towards each other, as the BMW X3 is down 15%. It will be facelifted this year in order to stabilize the decline in sales. Because of the X3’s downfall, the Audi Q5 and Range Rover Evoque have the segment leadership within arm’s reach. Both sell slightly more in 2013 compared to the year before.

Just off the podium is the Volvo XC60, which has been facelifted halfway through the year, and as a result sales were up every month since July, and full year sales are virtually flat.

The Mercedes-Benz GLK has never enjoyed the same popularity as its German rivals X3 and Q5, probably due to its more rugged and less trendy exterior design. It is starting to show its age now, down 11% and still selling half the numbers of the segment leader. The new generation is due this year, and Mercedes-Benz expects it to be able to fight for the podium.

Surprisingly, the Land Rover Freelander is surprisingly up for the year, despite the arrival of the Range Rover Evoque from the same brand and despite the fact that the Freelander is due to be replaced this year.

New entrants into the segment this year will be the Porsche Macan, Lexus NX and BMW X4.

2013 2012 Change
1. BMW X3 59.566 70.261 -15%
2. Audi Q5 56.327 53.895 5%
3. Range Rover Evoque 51.861 51.045 2%
4. Volvo XC60 46.185 46.410 0%
5. Mercedes-Benz GLK 29.587 33.392 -11%
6. Land Rover Freelander 21.224 18.407 15%
7. Infiniti QX50/EX 137 367 -63%
Segment total 264.887 273.777 -3%


Premium Compact Crossover segment

BMW-x1-audi-q3-sales-europe-jan-sep-2013One step smaller, the three-horse race of Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mini Countryman / Paceman is very stable in 2013, both in sales numbers and ranking, but this year the segment will be shaken by the late arrival of the Mercedes-Benz GLA. As a result of this addition to the line-up, the premium small SUV segment in Europe may grow to a volume of 250.000 units.

As Mercedes-Benz is playing catch-up, its rivals stay one step ahead, as the Audi Q2 is set to be revealed later this year for a market introduction in 2015 and the BMW X2 a year later.

2013 2012 Change
1. Audi Q3 73.265 72.049 2%
2. BMW X1 64.313 65.254 -1%
3. Mini Countryman/Paceman 58.843 54.788 7%
Segment total 196.421 192.091 2%


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