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China’s Nanjing Automobile bought most of the assets from the 2005 bankruptcy of MG Rover and planned to resurrect the MG brand in Europe. The first model to return in 2009 was the MG TF roadster, assembled in the original MG-Rover factory in Longbridge from CKD (Complete Knock Down) kits built in Nanjing, China. Unfortunately, since this was a model that had been introduced in 1995 as the MGF and updated and renamed in 2002, sales remained low and the production was suspended in 2011 after only 906 units were produced. By that time, Nanjing had merged with SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation), one of China’s largest automakers.

Later in 2011, assembly of the MG6 midsized sedan and hatchback/liftback started in Longbridge as well, for the UK market only. It was the first all-new model to be developed under the MG-brand since 1995. The MG6 was based on the Chinese Roewe 550, which itself is roughly based on the platform of the Rover 75. Despite the relatively low sales expectations of just 2.000 to 3.000 cars a year, the MG6 managed to peak at only 774 sales in 2012. After declining sharply in 2013, a new diesel engine and expansion of the dealer network helped the MG6 recover in 2014, but the model was withdrawn from the European market in 2017 with fewer than 3.000 sold in 6 years time.

SAIC MG started assembling the subcompact hatchback MG3 in Longbridge in 2013 and sales in the UK started in September of that year. This car immediately became the new MG’s best seller thanks to its good value,  “European” design and sporty handling, true to its MG genes. The MG3 took the brand to the next level in the UK, as MG sales soared to over 2.300 units in the UK, three times its previous record under Chinese ownership in 2012. It continued to progress in the following years, breaking past the 3.000 sales mark for the first time in 2015 and topping 4.000 sales in 2016 and 2017.

A compact hatchback called the MG5, which has been on sale in China since 2012, had been planned for the UK market as well, but the brand has decided to give priority to the MG GS crossover in 2016. This third car in the line-up should also open the door to exports to other European markets in 2018 or 2019, with Portugal and Cyprus as the most likely markets. The brand also launched the MG ZS small crossover in Europe early 2018.

Also find SAIC MG sales figures in China. Sales figures for MG 3, MG 6MG ZS, MG GS, MG TF.

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Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC, JATO Dynamics.

  1. What a disappointment SAIC has been for MG.
    Back in 2005, Rover should have been taken over by aUK company and production kept in the UK with govt support. The takeover and removal to China has been a retrograde step in my opinion.

    With proper finance and planning we could still be using Longbridge close to its potential, it was once the largest car plant in the world

  2. As sales of the MG marque continue to grow in the UK, surely the time must be close for the return of assembly at Longbridge..
    If sales continue at recently seen growth levels, plus new dealerships being put into place, the current growth forecasts suggest over 40,000 being sold in the UK by 2025.
    Couple this to potential european sales then 50,000 is not unreasonable.
    A decent quality car at an affordable price will certainly catch the eye of the discerning buyer.
    Come on SAIC, start doing your sums and investigate assembly again in the UK.

  3. Please tell about activities to get back on the German market.I did sold MG´s since 1995 in Germany.

  4. Longbridge has had its day for the old sections. The new part would still be worth saving and using by SAIC for UK production but where are the cars. We have seen all the SUVs but not the new MG6 the MG5 car /saloon to match the MG5 Estate EV which also needed a fuel variant, the MG T60 Extender and the MG G10 panel van and mpv. Where is the MG6 EV and the the MG G10 EV with a competitive range/distance . Where is the replacement to the MG5 Fastback that sold in masses in China and what about the RX5 and the RX8 . Where is the motorcycle range . the atx .the outboard motor for speedboats . We have seen the TCM race car but little since Jason Plato’s epic second place in the btcc. Where are the rally variants and the larger v6 and v8 gt racers . Why are we not racing in the Paris Dakar with the MG Extender .

    If they do not have supply of all the vehicles to the garages then what is the problem because the middle east has plenty of MGs supplied , you can see the range just look it up on the web site . As well as the other 32 – 36 countries all over the world that have been supplied by SAIC. They are doing a good job but why must we miss out on these decent cars . Sales can only improve with a larger range to get this Marquee back to where it should be !!

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