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Porsche sales and market share in Europe have been rising steadily and peaking at over 72.000 units in 2017, more than double the volume sold in 2009. The brand has been banking on the success of its Cayenne large SUV, Panamera 4-door limousine and Macan compact SUV.

Sales of the Cayenne topped at just over 20.000 units in 2012 and sales of the Panamera peaked at over 10.000 deliveries in 2017. The Macan has been the best selling Porsche in recent years, and the first nameplate for the brand to sell over 25.000 units in a single year, with over 26.500 deliveries in 2017.

The share of the brand’s traditional sports cars, the Boxster, Cayman and of course the trademark 911, have fallen from 60% of total sales in 2009 to below 50% in 2010 and below 40% in 2011 and 2012. That share recovered to 50% in 2013. However, with the introduction of the Macan SUV, based on the Audi Q5, the share of sports cars as a percentage of total brand sales have fallen below 40% again in 2014 and around 33% since 2015. Considering the Macan is the brand’s lowest priced model in the line-up, it shouldn’t be surprising it takes 35% of total brand’s sales by itself.

Ferrari is making as much money selling merchandise as it does with selling hardcore sports cars and some say that Porsche is doing the same; except merchandise in Maranello means caps, T-shirts, watches etc. with a Ferrari logo, and at Porsche the moneymaking gadgets that bear the company logo actually have wheels and an engine.

The Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid hypercar was limited to 918 units worldwide, of which about a third was planned for Europe. A total of 328 copies were registered between 2014 and 2016.

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