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Perodua sales in Europe have remained marginal, peaking in 2004, 2007 and 2010 at less than 800 annual sales, before coming to a halt in 2015.

The Malaysian brand of minicars and small cars, partially owned by Toyota subsidiary Daihatsu, produces cars under license of Daihatsu and uses engines and gearboxes of that Japanese brand. In Europe, Perodua was only sold in the UK and Ireland, mostly by Proton dealers looking for smaller and cheaper cars to sell. The only car in the European line-up in recent years was the Perodua Myvi subcompact, which was a copy of the Daihatsu Sirion 2 (which was also sold as the Subaru Justy until 2011).

The Perodua Myvi had been sold in Europe since 2006, and a new generation was launched in Malaysia in 2011, but that never made it to Europe and the brand withdrew from the UK market in 2014. Other models that have been sold since 1997 are the Kenari mini-MPV, a copy of the Daihatsu Move, and the Kelisa minicar, a copy of that same brand’s Cuore, but these were of subpar quality and damaged Perodua’s image in the UK. The Myvi has been of better quality, but it proved very difficult for a brand to turn around an image of low quality.

Of the European Perodua sales, not more than a handful are sold in Ireland every year, with most of the few hundred cars going to customers in the UK.

Please note that the monthly sales figures only include UK sales. There are also a handful of sales in Ireland every year, which are included in the annual sales statistics.

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