Lancia-Chrysler-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeSales and market share of Lancia and Chrysler in Europe combined have decreased since the brands were merged in 2009, losing more than 50% of their volume in six years time as its line-up is reduced to a single model in a single market.

This merger was a result of the take-over of Chrysler by Fiat. Lancia was too small to survive on its own, and it was too expensive to develop a full line of cars for the brand that sells 80% of its cars in a single market: Italy. And of those sales, three quarters were the Ypsilon minicar, so sales of the other Lancia models were marginal. Fiat-Chrysler then decided to replace the aging Lancia Phedra and Thesis with rebadged versions of the Chrysler Voyager and 300C. This would enable them to withdraw Chrysler from the Continental European market, and combining the two brands into one would save a lot of money on marketing and distribution.

However, in the UK, Lancia had not been sold since 1993 because of a reputation for bad quality. With this reputation in mind, Chrysler was expected to have a better shot at the UK and Irish markets, even if that meant rebadging the Lancia Ypsilon minicar and the Delta compact hatchback as Chryslers.

It hasn’t helped much, as the American cars have less refinement than customers are used to and expected from Lancia, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Fiat has decided to withdraw Lancia from all markets except Italy, and killing all products except the Ypsilon. This way, Alfa Romeo will finally get the much-needed attention and cash to grow.

Production of the Delta has ended in 2014 and the Flavia, Thema and Voyager were discontinued in 2015. Meanwhile, the Ypsilon was updated that same year for the Italian market, as it has consistently been a top-5 seller in the country, a small success they would like to continue, but considering there are no plans to renew the Yp anytime soon, chances are sales will slowly dwindle until there’s no more point to replace it at all.

Note: these statistics are for Lancia and Chrysler combined, sales figures of Lancia and of Chrysler alone are published separately.



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