Hummer Europe Sales Figures

Hummer Europe Sales Figures

Data & Charts for Total Hummer Brand Sales in Europe

Hummer Sales Data & Trends for the European Automotive Market

Hummer was first officially sold in Europe in 2003, when the brand introduced its first consumer model, the H2 SUV. Until this time, the gigantic Hummer H1 military derived SUV was sold through grey market imports. The smaller H3 SUV was added late 2005 and was the brand’s best selling car until the brand was terminated by General Motors in 2009 and official import ended in 2010.

The Hummer SUV’s, especially the H1 and H2, were big for US roads, effectively making them over-sized for the smaller and narrower European roads. Hummers were controversial due to their extreme dimensions and the macho image that came with it. They were criticized with the same objections as SUV’s in general, but to a much higher degree, because they were seen as the epitome of what was “wrong” with SUV’s according to their critics. Check out Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear Review of the Hummer H2 on Youtube.

Hummers are significantly bigger than other SUV’s, causing problems parking, fitting in garages and through car washes, and driving through the small and narrow streets of ancient city centers. For example, the H2 is higher, wider and much heavier than a Mercedes-Benz GL, a vehicle that is considered enormous for European tastes. Hummers also offered poor fuel economy, making them unpopular with environmentally conscious Europeans. Their large size also caused controversy in terms of safety to third parties in case of an accident. With many minicars and small cars on Europe’s roads, occupants of these vehicles felt unsafe in case of a potential crash with a much larger, higher and heavier Hummer SUV.

The H3 seemed more suited to European roads, but was unable to improve the brand’s image before General Motors decided to shut it down.

After Hummer production and import to Europe had officially ceased, unsold Hummers still were imported by grey-market importers in decreasing numbers until as recently as 2013.

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