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Chinese automaker Great Wall is the only Chinese car manufacturer with their own factory in Europe, as Chery vehicles are produced and marketed under the DR Motor brand in Italy. In 2011, Great Wall started production of three of its vehicles in Bulgaria, with a local manufacturing partner. Great Wall has a dealer network in the following European countries: Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Italy, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and in the UK and Ireland, of which only Italy, the UK and Ireland are counted in the statistics below, which only include passenger car sales and exclude sales of commercial vehicles such as pick up trucks. The latter make up most of Great Wall’s sales in Europe. The brand offered a six year/125.000 miles powertrain warranty on the Steed pick-up truck in the UK to reduce fears of bad Chinese quality.

Great Wall sold the Steed pick-up truck in the UK and Ireland, and also sold a subcompact hatchback Voleex C20R in Italy until 2015. The Hover H5 SUV had been on sale until 2011 and was supposed to be replaced by the (Haval) H6 SUV in 2015. The Haval H6 is China’s best selling SUV and parent company Great Wall is serious about its intentions: it wants to become the world’s largest producer of SUV’s. Haval sold 280.000 SUV’s in 2012 and grew to 938.000 in 2016, already overtaking Land Rover which produced just under 500.000 SUVs that year. Its rise came to a halt as sales dropped to 850.000 SUVs in 2017 while Jeep sold 1,4 million SUVs thanks to the addition of new models like the Renegade and the redesigned Compass, and thanks to Jeep’s start of local production in Great Wall’s backyard China.

In order to reach its goal, sales of SUV’s in Europe and the United States are essential, even when SUV sales in China are the fastest growing segment and Haval has been riding that wave successfully. However, Great Wall’s European sales came to a halt in 2017 before coming slightly back to life in July 2019 when the Haval H2 was launched in Italy.

The figures below don’t include sales of Great Wall in its European “home” market Bulgaria, which were down to 102 units in 2019 (Great Wall and Haval combined), from 408 sales in 2018, 185 in 2017, 337 in 2016 and 450 in 2015,  sales were 573 in 2014, 672 in 2013 and 1.461 in 2012, its first full year of production. Currently, Haval sells the H6 and H2 in Bulgaria.

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