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DR Motor Company is a small Italian car manufacturer, founded in 2006 by Massimo Di Risio. The company produces low-cost budget cars in Italy, based on Chinese cars and using parts from mostly Chery Automobile. The company became famous for its unusual initial sales network, as it sold cars through Italian hypermarkets until the end of 2009, because the brand didn’t have a sales and service network yet. From 2010 onwards, the company has its own supply chain with currently fifty DR dealers and almost 120 DR service partners in Italy.

DR currently assembled four models in Italy:

  • DR3 small crossover (based on the Chery Tiggo 3x) 2018-present
  • DR4 compact crossover (based on the JAC S3) 2016-present
  • DR5 compact SUV (based on the Chery Tiggo, which is a last-gen Toyota RAV4 clone) 2007-present
  • DR6 compact SUV (based on the Chery Tiggo 5) 2018-present

Past models are:

After a relatively successful start with its own DR dealers in 2010, selling over 5.000 cars that year, DR sales have declined sharply, to less than 500 automobiles from 2013 onwards. That’s less than 10 cars per dealer in a full year, hardly a sustainable business model. Even with sales doubling in 2018 thanks to new models and an expanding dealer network, it leaves you wondering how long the DR story can continue, as the Chinese are eager to learn from these small first steps at selling cars in Europe, but will soon want to capitalize on these lessons by mass-exporting cars from China under their own brands.

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As the DR1 and DR5 are the brand’s best sellers, model specific sales data is only available for these models. Find sales figures for the DR Zero, DR1, DR5, DR City Cross.

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