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Daihatsu has officially been pulled out of the European car market at the end of 2013, as was announced in January 2011. The Toyota brand, a specialist in small cars and minicars, was unable to make a profit in Europe because of the strong Yen-Euro exchange rate and the small profit margins on minicars. Daihatsu’s main competitor Suzuki produces its minicar Alto in India and also has a factory in Hungary for local production of most of its other models, making it less vulnerable to the exchange rate of the Yen and high costs of logistics.

Daihatsu sales in Europe have fallen sharply, from around 58.000 cars in 2007 to just over 500 in 2013 and maybe a handful of left-over stock cars still to be registered in 2014. Even the rebadged last generation Toyota Yaris (built in Europe) as a Daihatsu Charade couldn’t turn the dying brand around. Chevrolet faced a similar fate as it has been  pulled from the European market at the end of 2015, even though it was more successful in volume than Daihatsu.

The brand’s best selling model in the last couple of years was the Terios small SUV, one of the first models in the fastest growing segment of the market. Toyota may want to re-introduce the next generation of the SUV under its own label as the Toyota Rush, as it already does in some markets around the world, just to keep a foothold in this popular segment.

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