Chevrolet-Tacuma-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeAnnual sales figures for the Chevrolet Tacuma in Europe.

These statistics include sales of the Daewoo Tacuma from 2000-2004 and the Chevrolet Tacuma from 2005-2009. The Tacuma was discontinued in 2009 without a direct successor, until the introduction of the Chevrolet Orlando in 2011.

The Daewoo brand was renamed Chevrolet in Europe at the end of 2004 / start of 2005 when GM bought the bankrupt Korean automaker.

2009 509
2008 3.330
2007 5.853
2006 8.484
2005 11.398
2004 10.684
2003 10.191
2002 11.423
2001 12.049
2000 2.986


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