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Cadillac has been trying to get a foothold in the European premium car market for decades, without much success. The German Big Three, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, have this market pretty much divided among themselves, leaving nothing but a couple of breadcrumbs for other automakers, leave alone an American automaker.

It’s not the product, Cadillac has come up with some pretty competitive models lately, with the XT5 replacing the SRX, but even more so with the CT6 and the new generation CTS and the ATS, the latter of which has come a long way from the days of the Saab 9-3 based BLS. These new models have pushed Caddy’s sales numbers in the United States back into territory long unknown to the brand, but they have been unable to increase Cadillac’s European sales to more than a handful a month. In fact, Cadillac car sales in Europe have fallen every year since 2009 till 2014, but started a recovery in 2015, when the brand restarted European operations and started to pursue realistic rather than ambitious targets.

With General Motors pulling Chevrolet out of the European market to focus on Opel as its mainstream brand, GM has promised to give more attention to Cadillac in Europe as a premium player. Still, the demand for American luxury vehicles is limited in Europe and a return to its 2007 peak of 3.000 sales would be an impressive feat and a testament to its greatly improved products.

I do understand why GM will keep trying, though. The brand really needs to compete in Europe to fight its biggest competitors on their home turf in order not to lose its credibility as a true premium brand, giving up on the continent would be a disgrace. But I believe they have a better chance to beat the Germans in the States than to come even close to one tenth of their sales in Europe. And that would give Cadillac at least some credibility in other markets around the world.

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