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Brilliance Auto was the second Chinese automakers to attempt to sell cars in Europe, after Landwind. In 2007, a Chinese-built mid size sedan, named Brilliance BS6 was introduced in the German market. A smaller sedan, named Brilliance BS4, was introduced in 2009, but similar to the fate of the Landwind, Brilliance suffered from a bad reputation after the German automobile club ADAC published crash test results of the BS6. The car failed miserably and received only one star out of a possible five, whereas most newly introduced European and Japanese cars would easily get the full five-star rating during that time.

Brilliance was serious about their efforts to enter the European market, so they redesigned the car, after which it received a three-star rating in a Spanish crash test.  However, the damage to the brand’s image had already been done, and the redesign caused the price of the car to rise considerably, making it less competitive, as the low price was the main selling point for the manufacturer. As a result, sales numbers remained marginal, causing the importer (HSO Motors) to file for bankruptcy at the end of 2009.

After the bankruptcy of the importer, Brilliance then tried to sell cars directly, but due to the issues of uncompetitive prices and a destroyed images as a result of the well-publicized crash tests, the brand pulled out of the European market in 2010,  without any plans for a return in the short term.

A total of less than 1.000 Brilliance cars have been imported to the European market from 2007 through 2010.

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