Alfa Romeo Brera Competizione Sales Data & Trends for the European Automotive Market

The Alfa Romeo Spider was a 2-seater roadster, introduced in 1995 as a replacement to the classic Alfa Romeo Spider, which had been produced from 1966 to 1993 (the one Dustin Hoffman drove in the movie The Graduate). It was the open-top version of the Alfa Romeo GTV, both were based on the front-wheel drive platform of the Alfa Romeo 155, and equipped with four-cylinder or V6 engines.

The Spider and GTV had a very distinctive design, with four round headlights, the one-piece rear lamp/foglamp/indicator strip across the rear of the body and a wedge shape accentuated by an upward crease in the bodywork. The duo of cars received many design awards in their first year on the market. The Spider was updated in 1998, giving the exterior a more pronounced V-shaped Alfa Romeo grille, an all-new interior and new engines. A total of around 39.000 Spiders of the 916 series were produced from 1993 to 2005.

In 2006, a new generation Spider was introduced as the open-top version of the Alfa Romeo Brera, based on the platform of the Alfa Romeo 159. Just like the previous Spider, the new model won multiple design awards, thanks to its aggressive nose with the triple round headlights and the V-shaped Alfa Romeo grille. The model was updated in 2008 with a few new engines, and while exterior design remained unchanged, the weight was reduced by using more aluminum, similar to the 159. Sales of the 939 series Spider peaked at 4.718 cars in 2007 and quickly decreased until production ended late 2010. A total of 12.488 cars were produced, of which just over 10.000 were sold in Europe.

Below we have the sales figures for the Alfa Romeo Brera in the European automotive market. This data comes from the manufacturer directly. View the data tables of the total number of new Alfa Romeo Brera vehicles sold in Europe in a given year.

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Vehicle Sales Data & Charts

Alfa Romeo
2010 1.190
2009 1.393
2008 2.531
2007 4.718
2006 755
2005 424
2004 1.288
2003 1.504
2002 1.667
2001 2.440
2000 2.893
1999 4.136
1998 4.297
1997 4.686

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