Alfa Romeo Giulia Competizione Sales Data & Trends for the European Automotive Market

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta was introduced in 2016 as a replacement to the Alfa Romeo 159, which had been discontinued in 2011. It is the first rear-wheel drive sedan for the brand since the Alfa Romeo 75, which ended production in 1992. In March 2017, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV was launched on the same platform as the Giulia.

Below we have the sales figures for the Alfa Romeo Giulia in the European automotive market. This data comes from the manufacturer directly. View the data tables of the total number of new Alfa Romeo Giulia vehicles sold in the European market in a given month and year. Monthly and annual sales figures for the Alfa Romeo Giulia in Europe are shown. See how Alfa Romeo Giulia sales compare to the other models in the premium midsized car segment. Also find Alfa Romeo Giulia US sales figures.

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Vehicle Sales Data & Charts

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
January 1.894 1.673 895 740 288
February 2.005 1.463 753 686 332
March 19 2.751 2.158 1.263 401
April 48 1.998 1.619 893 254
May 236 2.585 1.630 1.095 456
June 1.334 2.923 1.765 1.080 699
July 999 1.922 1.479 878 744
August 752 1.112 1.887 866 588
September 1.718 2.011 587 725 783
October 1.565 1.437 738 848 701
November 1.974 2.352 1.086 893 569
December 1.830 1.689 990 743 815

Alfa Romeo
2020 7.436
2019 10.932
2018 17.075
2017 24.679
2016 10.475

Car sales statistics are from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC, JATO Dynamics.

    1. Hi Emir,

      thanks for your comment.
      Are you sure you haven’t mixed up the monthly sales with year-to-date figures? According to my source UNRAE, Italian sales for the Giulia were 189 in May and 256 for the first five months cumulative.

  1. Any case, sales is much, much lower then expected. Alfa Romeo as a company inside FCA is nightmare to Sergio Marchionne.

    1. Much, much lower? Where do you get this depressing news? Alfa is on the move and Giulia did what nobody could do in last few decades….beat the German super saloons! All of them. Thank you. Alfa is back, you go home

  2. Sergio Marchionne is more of a nightmare to FCA. This company needs a leader that can get things done and Marchionne is not the guy.

  3. If this is true, BMW sold 10 times more in same period in September. Giulia can’t be competitor so far.

    1. I think that not all the options are available on the markets. For example in Finland only diesel is offered and I don’t think it would seem better if petrol was also on offer. But let’s see how the sales develop. I understand why people are hesitating to buy an Alfa.. I drive 159..

    2. Of course FCA expected Giulia to outsell BMW’s 3 Series in a couple of months, even without a wagon model.
      Alfa is trying to rebuild its name after 20 years of disasters, this will take time (and noone is even sure it will make it). Do you remember where Audi was 20/25 years ago?

  4. 0 sales in September in USA, 0 sales in October in USA… It must be something wrong with this car…

    1. Hi Olaf,
      Customer deliveries of the Giulia haven’t officially started in the US. The 7 registrations in August must have been test cars for the manufacturer or something like that. I agree it looks a bit funny this way, but it’s no indication of how many they’ve actually sold so far.
      Edit: Giulia and Giulia Ti go on sale in January 2017 with an MSRP of $37,995 and $39,995, respectively. Giulia Quadrifoglio goes on sale this month (December) with an MSRP of $72,000.

  5. With this tempo of production and sales, also with upcoming Stelvio, Alfa as a brand maybe only can be saved without progress. This brand is still nightmare inside FCA. Nothing can change my.mind so far.

  6. At this rate Alfa sales with Giulia can be projected at over 22000 units. Way less than the target that has been set. More importantly look at numbers from BMW Mercedes Audi and Jag, still growing. If all of these numbers are still growing where is Alfa winning? It’s going to be a bleak year for the brand, FCA will never be able to compete with the big boys, they are too dishonest with their numbers.

    1. BMW, Audi and Merc. are in a different league, they have a strong dealer network and have different models of the class such as sedan, SW …etc. Jaguar on the other hand is in a worse position than the Alfa. they were oversold by the Alfa since last November and expected to loose ground in the rest of the year. They depend heavily on the UK Sales so they may be strong in March and September but expect the Giulia to outsell the XE by the end of the year

    1. No, in Europe the regular versions of the Giulia are already being delivered, so they include all versions of the Giulia. The US sales figures include only the Quadrifoglio for now, as the regular versions are not yet available there.

  7. There’s something wrong with your April numbers, Jato Dynamics give 1.995 registration for EU, if we consider the registrations in EFTA markets Switzerland(97) and Norway(4) the total is 2.096. Probably your error is due to the Italian registration figure from the UNRAE pdf which is wrong, there were 807 Giulia registrations in April and not 708.

  8. 1990 – Audi 369000 units, Alfa 203000
    2016 – Audi 820000, Alfa 66000 with 2 old models/one body tayp+ Giulia sedan arrival.
    In 2016 Audi models list is bigger than Alfa colour list…
    Alfa dealer network need Giulia SW, new Giulietta with 3,4, 5 doors and Giulietta SUV.
    After 10 years Alfa is back! One mistake is obvious (Giulia SW) but we will see…
    Dealer network need time to recover and reach 200000 units in EU.For better result Alfa must renew next generations of Giulia,Stelvio and Giulietta on time without changing names again!

  9. Their target is to sell 150.000 of the predicted 400.000 Alfa global sales in EMEA* regions by 2020.

    *EMEA= Europe(whole including Russia,Ukraine etc.),Middle East and Africa

  10. Official May figures say Giulia was delivered in Italy at 1.339 units, and 4.000 + since beginning 2017.
    Stelvio was delivered in 935 units in May.
    The factory seems now working with increasing capacity.
    In May Giulia outsold in Italy Audi A4, Mercedes C, VW Passat and Bmw X1

    1. Ciao I just bought a Giulia Veloce. I love it. But I m Italian… previous car was BMW cabrio. The only thing missing is the open air

  11. Disaster of sales. This is not FCA expected form new car. Do not believe in better sales in nearest future. They hope to be saved with USA growing market and Chrysler sales there maybe.

    1. For better sales in Europe they need wagon model.
      In Europe:
      55% wagon
      33% sedan
      12% cupe,hach,convertible
      Giulia sales is ok.Around 26000 and if you imagine 32000+ for wagon you will see ranking nr.4. C clas, A4, BMW 3, Giulia, A5, BMW 4.
      Plan without wagon is stupid!Ask Audi,BMW,Merc and Volvo to cansel wagon (72% A4, 84% Volvo, 50% BMW,33% C clas).They have Q5,XC 60… 🙂
      Next stupid decision is delay with new Giulietta.Next year Giulietta will louse ground.

      1. See Boba, decision is SUV Stelvio to be some kind of wagon version of Giulia. But sales after first year is bad, so do not expect 2018 would be better. This car won’t be sold with more than 70-80.000 samples before canceling the project. Launching a new car is expensive and risk movement, specially for brand like Alfa. No bright future, definitely. Let’s drive something else.

  12. Hi Boris,
    Try to calculate Giulia wagon for first half 2017.All manufactures have bigger volume of wagons than sedans.
    Giulia first half sedan 14000 pcs, wagon realistic minimum 17000 =31000
    Audi A4 first half 2017 78000 x 0,28(28% sedan)= 22000 .BMW 3 series 72000 x 0.33= 24000 sedans.
    That means Giulia sedan + wagon + poor dealer network outsold Audi and BMW sedans.
    The first half truth is:
    A4 22000/ Giulia 14000 = 1,57
    BMW 3 24000/Giulia 14000 = 1,71
    We do not need numbers to compare the dealer network and advertising…

    1. Hi Boris,

      Alfa 159 was also available as wagon, but collapsed. Similar should be with Giulia. Project should be canceled in nearest future if head of FCA clever and not stubborn.

      1. Giulia and 159 are two different planets… I owned a 159 and a BMW 320: no match, 320 much much better. I tested Giulia and both last 320 and Mercedes C models: no match, Giulia much much better. Please, drive a Stelvio, then report us your experience.
        I give to Alfa more than a chance, Giulia and Stelvio are outstanding products

  13. People who predict end of the brand after only 2 years of launching new models does not understand how market works. For 5 years, nothing was available, only MiTo and Giulietta. Alfa cannot regain all clients in such small amount of time. This is ridiculous thinking.

    Market would rise again when those cars Giulia and Stelvio will start to massively hit used market in about 3 years. You simply cannot rebuild a brand that fast.

    I think Giulia wagon is important, but I understand why they are not making it yet. It’s better to focus into redeveloping brand and network. Wagon could come with restyle of Giulia in few years to boost sales.

  14. In Eruope Giulia sold 25.000 samples. Competitors sold 6 or 7 or 8 times, even 10 times more. Worldwide is even worse for Alfa. After launching this was second year of sales with visible results. This is much much worse then 159 did. Marchionne is big disapointed, now he makes compensation with Sauber with delivery of Ferrari engines to put Alfa brand advertisement to the swiss F1 team.
    A straw rescue for a sinking ship. Unfortunately but true.

    1. More than half Alfas 159 are wagons.
      Olaf calculated 10 times stronger competition. Maybe A4 and A5 together.
      That means A4 sedan, wagon, A5 coupe, 4 door coupe and convertible.
      6/1 Giulia sedan.
      In Europe 2017 Audi sold A4 sedans around 40.000 pcs. A4 wagons almost 100.000.
      Maybe Audi should produce next generation only A4 sedan without A5 and destroy competition with small investment 🙂

      1. See Boba, Olaf is right. He describe a total of production of same class of car, without separating to sedan, wagon, coupe, etc…Circulation is measured in millions of sold vehicles…Where is Alfa here?

  15. Audi will introduce new CEO Boris Turgenjev.
    Plan is: cansel next generations A5, A4 wagon and allroad.
    2.cansel commercials (ski jumps,Hollywood movies…)
    3.reduce the number of dealers to the same level like Alfa.
    With new CEO Audi will sell around 200000 A4 sedans in Europe (like a4 and a5 togeather in 2017…200000:25000= 8… 6 models)
    Audi Q5 will be some kind of wagon 🙂
    BMW, Mercedes and Volvo can not wait new CEO!


    1. Hi Boba,

      This page is for people to say something clever, not to be war of words.
      Here is place just to calculate numbers, nothing else.
      By the way quite frankly, there is no Giulia or Stelvio seen live on the street.
      (except in car showroom, where almost no one enter, just because there is no Giulia wagon)

      1. Hi Goran,
        Giulia 11%
        A4 18%

  16. Worrying signs if a new model like Giulia, which has gotten brilliant press reviews is rapidly losing so many sales already in 2018, have car buyers just lost complete faith in Alfa? Surely this is a disaster for the brand.

  17. Stelvio, Giulietta and Giulietta SUV will be the real volume – makers. Giulia did very well. It’s only a sedan with very strong competition.

  18. Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning ending the brand

  19. I have an Alfa Giulia Veloce, going on 20,000 kilometres. Love it. And mechanically A1 as well.

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