Alfa Romeo 159 Sales Data & Trends for the European Automotive Market

The Alfa Romeo 159 was introduced in 2005 as a replacement to the incredibly successful Alfa Romeo 156 in the premium midsize segment. However, it faced increased competition from the BMW 3-series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4, and the 159 never managed to match the sales numbers of its predecessor. As a result of disappointing sales, production of the model was ceased in 2011 without a direct successor. That car, named Giulia, will probably be introduced in 2015, leaving Alfa without a midsized car and a line-up of just two mainstream vehicles and a low-volume sports car for four long years.

The 159 was available as a 4-door sedan and as a 5-door “Sportwagon” station wagon, front-wheel drive with optional four-wheel drive on the 3,2 V6 and 2,4 JTD diesel engines. It still featured Alfa’s characteristic V-shaped grille, but the hidden rear-door handles were dropped. The 159 has been criticized for being overweight, resulting in poor fuel economy and driving dynamics.

Sales of the Alfa Romeo 159 peaked at 65.802 cars in 2007, but have decreased quickly since, to under 10.500 cars in 2011. The model was updated in 2008, with only minor changes to the exterior, but great improvements under the skin. By using more aluminum, the weight of the car was reduced by 45 kgs (99 lbs), but it was too little too late to save the 159. Production was ended in 2011, but since then, remaining stock models have still been sold.

Monthly and annual sales figures for the Alfa Romeo 159 in Europe. See how Alfa Romeo 159 sales compare to the other models in the premium midsized car segment.

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Vehicle Sales Data & Charts

Alfa Romeo
2014 13
2013 297
2012 4.143
2011 10.433
2010 15.034
2009 25.708
2008 42.309
2007 65.802
2006 57.329
2005 6.525

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