Alfa Romeo 156 Sales Data & Trends for the European Automotive Market

The Alfa Romeo 156 was introduced in 1997 as a replacement to the Alfa Romeo 155. It has become one of the brand’s most successful models, with a total production of around 680.000 cars. It also was a turnaround for the brand, as for years Alfa had been making cars that were too similar to their Fiat counterparts, but the 156 showed a distinctive design and character. It was voted European Car of the Year in 1998.

The 156 was available as a 4-door sedan and 5-door “Sportwagon” station wagon, the latter was available with optional four-wheel drive and as a “Crosswagon” station wagon with elevated ground clearance. Alfa developed a GTA (Gran Turismo Alleggerita) version in 2002 to compete in the European Touring Car Championship. The name was inspired by the Giulia Sprint GTA, which achieved many successes on racing tracks in the 1960’s and 70’s. The famous (Busso) V6 was increased from 3 liters to 3,2 liters, delivering 250 horsepower (184 kW) and 300 Nm of torque. The GTA was equipped with a tailor-made suspension, new gearboxes and Brembo disc brakes.

Sales of the Alfa 156 peaked in 1998 at 98.201 cars and slowly decreased every year since. The model received a minor update 2002 and another one in late 2003, when the exterior design was updated to a more aggressive look, inspired by the 2002 Brera concept car. The sedan was replaced in 2005 by the Alfa Romeo 159, while the 156 Q4 Crosswagon was produced until 2007. Unfortunately, the 159 was unable to repeat the success of its predecessor, despite its -again- great Alfa Romeo design with an aggressive front.

Annual sales figures for the Alfa Romeo 156 in Europe.

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Vehicle Sales Data & Charts

Alfa Romeo
2007 812
2006 3.727
2005 30.906
2004 51.456
2003 58.492
2002 62.529
2001 90.390
2000 97.056
1999 96.740
1998 94.924
1997 15.140

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